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Who is This Guy and Why Is He Saying Such Mean, Nasty Things About The Way Most SECURITY INSTALLERS Ruin Their Careers, Drive Their Best Customers Away and DIE BROKE?

Hi, I'm Bob Maunsell. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope this is the beginning of a long partnership with you and Security Marketing Guru. Let me give you a little bit of history about myself... I've built a pretty successful career as a Security Dealer, doubled my security business many times over, and have created a seven-figure security company with tremendous market value  - one that will take me into retirement on a very comfortable living - all by utilizing a Robotic Security Selling System™.

7Ps-&-Biological-WeaponsMy career in the security field began in the US Air-Force where I served as an Electronic Security Systems Specialist. I worked on the perimeter defense and internal security systems on numerous Air Force bases across Europe. It was the third greatest experience in my life (behind getting married and having kids), serving my country while working with cutting-edge applications and all the while traveling Europe. Man, do I love thinking back on those days.....

When I was honorably discharged from the Air Force back in the early 90's, I go my Master Electrician's license, dabbled in the electric field for a few years, then decided to go low-voltage and entered the security industry. I then started my own company Electronic Security Group, Inc. After a few years of slaving over deadbeat clientele and banging on the rooftops for any kind of lead, I decided to re-think my approach to business and more importantly to marketing.

I hated the thought of manual selling so I researched and discovered several old-school direct marketing gurus. I studied marketing for years (spent a small fortune on it) and attended seminars, conferences and courses, private consulting sessions, and master mind groups that taught me online and offline direct marketing strategies. I then took these strategies and deployed them in my own security business.

I had to test, tweak and perfect my marketing systems, so I used my security company as an R&D lab. It was a lot of work, but it paid off! I now have many successful “tried and true” online and offline marketing systems in place for the residential and commercial markets that do all of my selling and referring for me, robotically. What I have created and pioneered  here is a system of success, my Robotic Security Selling System™, that works 24/7/365 to deliver clients that are pre-qualified, pre-sold and EAGER to do business, with no cold calling, door banging or heavy lifting on my part!

Once I implemented my Robotic Security Selling System™ and then PUT IT TO WORK FOR ME,  guess what, The SUFFERING STOPPED!

Now going into the 18th year with my security company, Electronic Security Group, I can honestly say...

"God, I Love This Business &
It's Profitable, Too!"

I've fought all the battles; working alone many years; hiring the worst employees; going after the worst possible customers; losing the best customers; taking any job that came know the drill! I've fought every security installer's fight and you're probably doing the same thing, right now. Well, I'm living proof that security installers and other tradesman DO NOT have to live day-to-day, job-to-job hoping for a big score to pay the bills!

You can actually HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT, TOO in the security field. Now, armed with all these years of experience and expertise in a field that desperately needs it, I can offer my school-of-hard-knocks education to YOU! If you are barely making the grade and even if you are doing pretty well, but not up to your dream and want to increase your comfort by leaps and bounds- heck, even if you are doing exceptionally well, wouldn't you like to do even better? (there's always room for growth and more profits!)

Clandestine Marketing Tools That Will
Double Your Installations Every 9 Months

This is no bull. You are about uncover how to attract and retain the best and most lucrative security clientele around! The marketing programs I've designed in my Robotic Security Selling System™ are tailor fit for seamless integration into your security business. My methods and sales copy is revolutionary and innovative, if you want to attract clients in the 21st century you NEED TO IMPLEMENT 21st CENTURY MARKETING TECHNIQUES. I will show you how to position yourself as the "obvious expert," subtlely dominating your local and regional security markets.

I will outline and help you implement a game plan to attract clients who PAY, STAY and REFER.

Once these systems are in place, your marketing is 100% automatic. It's even done FOR you. Bet you can't believe it! I bet your saying, Bob your full of it.....well, I've got scores of client testimonials, from security dealers -just like you- To Prove You Wrong!

If you can manage to answer the phone, return a call and handle a referred prospect who seeks you out, this WILL be the easiest money you'll ever make. 3, 5, 11 maybe even 17 or more MOTIVATED customers calling you up every month as if they were being delivered by an assembly line, with consistency and certainty. And guess what, they won't be looking to price shop and tire-kick your quote into submission, they will be calling because they want YOU to be their Security Guru.

Have I piqued your interest? If so, check out this link to my  Security Marketing Services . As a newcomer, I suggest you check out my Security Maverick Coaching Club. I'll take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step to creating the most profitable, most fun and lowest stress year off your career. Plus if you join, you also get a FREE subscription to my Smokin' Security Newsletter!

So for those of you who want to jump into the marketing sack and start making lots more cha-ching, check out my programs. I add new marketing programs, frequently, so keep an eye out!

Peace Out! (Make Sure You Bookmark my Blog, Check it out HERE)

Bob Maunsell

"Dedsecurityguru300x200icated To Multiplying your Security Installations!"

P.S. With my Secret Weapons you WILL double your production within 9 months year after year.

P.S.S. If you can manage to answer the phones when they ring, this will be the easiest money you will EVER make.