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15 Eternal Truth’s About Marketing Your Security Business

Whoa Nelly… It’s about  half an hour before kickoff time to Super Bowl XLIII. It’s been a very busy weekend for my daughter Bridget, she celebrated her 8th birthday yesterday at “Build A Bear,” and thing’s have been pretty crazy around these parts with all the running around with her and her friends.

I’m a little pressed for time on this weeks “Smack Down,” I gotta get a move on real quick, cuz I’ve got a house full for my Super Bowl party starting in a half hour. I’m not gonna skimp on security marketing content for you guy’s and gal’s, I’m gonna give you some “Universal Truths” about security marketing, that you can implement over the next few weeks, noticed how I said in next few weeks not next year … money is attracted to speed not sloth…

  1. The success of your security business today will be directly related to how much time, energy, and money can be directly related to marketing your security business.
  2. The cornerstone of marketing your security business to is continuously educating your clients, about what your security business is becoming.
  3. The success of your security business will depend on how well you seek out new security marketing avenues for your security business.
  4. Most security business owners are incredibly lazy, ignorant, and negligent about marketing there security business. This is your retirement asset isn’t it? So why not get in the game and learn it….
  5. Discovering and implementing new security marketing strategies is the secret to creating a HUGE competitive advantage  in your marketplace
  6. No competitor is safe when you are constantly, designing and implementing effective ‘Direct Response Marketing’ techniques in all aspects of your security marketing.
  7. Read my monthly Smokin’ Security Newsletter and listen to the killer audio CD, and stay current will all the latest and greatest security and low voltage systems  trends and this prescription for success will put you light years ahead of your competition.
  8. The major reason why security companies fail or can’t make the kind of money they need to grow and expand, is because they only have ONE stream client attraction.
  9. The money is in marketing your security business, NOT in installing the system!! If you want to be a money player, you need to shift your mindset from worker bee to queen bee.
  10. The #1 million dollar marketing mistake that most security dealers make is not differentiating their security business, products or services provided, from everybody else in there market.
  11. Most security dealers fall into this category: Aggressive application of security know-how, while neglecting increasing their security marketing know-ledge.
  12. You can’t be a me 2 company i.e. FREE ALARM SYSTEM & A BIG FAT YELLOW PAGE AD.
  13. Successful security dealers consistently branch out from their comfort zone, and come to play where the money’s at….
  14. Security marketing is the vehicle that gives your company distinction in the economic climate and your local/regional markets.(Try to wrap your brain around this concept) Your NOT a security company, you’re a sales and marketing company first and foremost.

There you have 15 Eternal Truths about marketing your security business. Some of the of items you might find yourself scratching your head about, but stick around for a while and you’ll get it.

If You Implement Proper Security Marketing Strategies You Won't  Have To Sleep With Your Teddy Bears At Night

If you implement proper Security Marketing Strategies, you might not
have to sleep with your teddy bears at night!

I gotta go…… ITS GAME TIME BABY!!.. Enjoy I’ll be in touch with you soon.

Bob Maunsell
Security Marketing Guru

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