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21 Business-Building Reasons To Meet Up At ISC West

If you’re heading to the desert next week for ISC West in Vegas, then join me for a free one-hour Zappos Culture Tour, followed by my free Security Marketing & Business-Building Training Seminar. Transportation will be provided.

21 Reasons Why You Should Attend My Training Session:
1- Discover An Inexpensive Online Marketing Strategy That Will Get You Ranked On The First Page of Google Literally Overnight.

2- Start Using the KLT Principle (Know, Like & Trust) To Become More Referable.

3- How Utilizing Local Keywords, Google & Youtube Will Rank Your Listing High In Online Searches.

4- Get Wind Of How To Dominate The “Upper Fold” Of Google With Your Listing.

5- If You’re Not Hearing “___________” From Your Clients On A Weekly Basis, You Should Have Reason For Grave Concern.

6- The $12 A Year Email Program That Will Literally Knock Your Client’s Socks Off!

7- How To Build The “Trust Tunnel” With Cold Jaded Prospects.

8- How To Use Your “Personality” To Grow A Million Dollar A Year Security Business.

9- Catch A Whiff Of How To Use Email To Sell High-end Mega-pixel Video Surveillance Systems.

10- Discover Secret Ingredients For Boosting Your Facebook Posting For Your Security Business.

11- The “Microwave Method” To Create A Highly Saleable And Lucrative Security Business.

12- You Must Have “__________ “ This On The Front Page Of Your Website Or You’ll Perish.

13- I Hate This Friggin’ Word And You Should, Too… VENDOR… I’ll Give You A Catchphrase To Get Out Of The Vendor-Commodity Trap.

14- You Wanna Find Out A Ridiculously Super Easy & Dirt Cheap Way For Keeping Track Of Your Lead Sources.

15- How To Keep Your Techs And Sales Reps Highly Engaged In Your Enterprise.

16- Why You Should Be Using The “VIVINT” Model To Spin Off New Niche Business Ventures.

17- How To Write Absolute Killer Google + Posts.

18- Meet A Member Of Mine Who Has 17,000 + Monitored Accounts And Growing.

19- Why It’s So Important To Have A Killer Intro Profile About Yourself.

20- Meet A Member From Canada Who Started Franchising His Security Business.

21- Why You Shouldn’t Be Taking Crap Filled Excuses From Your Sales Reps.

Black Jack
I just gave you 21 reasons why you should be joining me in the desert for free, I might add, out of the kindness of my little heart. I want to make a difference in your life, so I’m playing it forward with you. No strings attached… If you want in NOW just respond and let my team know! AFAP! (As Fast As Possible)

Join Me In The Desert & Learn How To Become A Security “Expert”
The one-hour Zappos Culture Tour is set for Thursday, April 3rd at 9am and will be followed up with the training seminar, where I’ll spill the beans on how to become a Security Expert at the Learning Village. Transportation will be provided. You should be back in time to spend the afternoon at ISC West.

**For those of you who only want to go to the Security Marketing & Business Building Training Seminar at the Learning Village, just let me know when replying to this email.**

Attendance Is Limited… 12 More Folks Welcome To Join Us!
Attendance is limited for these events, so those of you who are REALLY interested in joining me for an incredible, fun and educational time, you MUST reply to us thru email NOW

I can offer the tour and training seminar to approximately 12 more folks so, if you truly want to come – REPLY NOW!

Hope to see you in the desert!

P.S. Don’t forget to save the date: Thursday April 3rd (approx. 8:30am-12:30pm.)
P.S.S. More information about the events and transportation will be forthcoming.


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