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3 Profitable Ways To Use Our eNewsletter To Increase Sales & Installs

As a Secure Zone eNewsletter subscriber, we wanted to reach out to you to make sure you are using the eNewsletter to its full advantage to increase your sales, installations and online ranking and awareness. If you’re not an eNewsletter subscriber, it will be the best 29-39 bucks you’ll ever spend, and here’s why:

The 3 Most Profitable Ways To Use Our Secure Zone™ eNewsletter:

• Send out as an email to prospects & clients
• Use the commercial & residential security tips as blog posts on your website (by providing new content on your site, on a regular basis, you are showing Google that you have current, relevant security content, which will help your site rank better within Google search results.)
• Post the commercial & residential security tips on your social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn) and link the posts back to your website to drive traffic and sales to your site.

Don’t Have a Blog Section and/or Social Media Platforms Yet, OR
Have Them But The Thought Of Doing The Work Makes
You Feel Like Pulling The Hair Out of Your Head?


Well, that’s okay because we can help you get everything up and running, and, if you don’t feel like blogging or posting the content, that’s okay, too, because we now offer ongoing Done-For-You Blogging & Social Media Services, at a savvy price. We know that your time is valuable and you don’t want to spend it creating blogs on your website and posting security content on your social media sites, so you can now outsource that work to your Marketing Dept (Team SMG) and you know it will get done and done right!

For those of you who have a blog section and social media platforms and are good with doing the blogging and postings yourself, get to doing it!. You have 3 terrific ways to use the Secure Zone eNewsletter to drive visitors and sales to your website, and cozy up with Google in the process :)

Learn More…
If you’re interested in learning more about our Done-For-You Blogging & Social Media Services, simply reply to this email and Jodi, our awesome Online Marketing Strategist, will get back to you lickety-split!

Bob & Team SMG

P.S. Again, if you’re not a Secure Zone™ eNewsletter subscriber, your $29-$39 investment is a pittance compared to the 3 profitable ways you can use it to increase your sales, installations, and online ranking and awareness.

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