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3 Secret Marketing Strategies Your Competition In The Security Biz is Gut-Less To Do!

What a beautiful Columbus Day weekend we had here in Massachusetts!  The leaves are changing into their fall colors and the weather was just right – not too hot, not too cold. It was a perfect weekend for apple picking and drinking apple cider, with the family, at our favorite place – U-Pick Phil’s Apples, in Harvard, MA.  They have the absolute best apple cider – hands down.  We drank a whole gallon in two days!

Before heading out the door early on Friday (to start my Columbus Day weekend a bit early) I had a coaching call with one of my private clients, Dwight Porter.  He said that he hopes the *ECONOMY* stays exactly the way it is right now, and that his competition keeps reading the headlines and listening to MSNBC news about foreclosures and unemployment going up and retail spending being way off – because he’s having his best year yet.  His business is up 35%!

Do yo wanna be in the zone where Dwight is?  Because 95% of your competition in the security and low voltage biz  is to mediocre to do what I’m about to tell you.  Here are 3 sure-fire security marketing strategies that will get you noticed and make you stand out head and shoulders above your competitors in the security biz!

  1. Send out a security sales letter promotion inside a bank money bag to retail store owners and ask the question, “Are You Loosing Money Through Shrinkage?  Do You Need An Extra Set Of Eyes To Keep A Watch Over Your Employees, Customers and Vendors?”  You’d be touting the benefit of video surveillance in this package, but there’s a hundred-and-one ways to make value propositions with this bank money bag piece.
  2. Send out a security sales letter to property managers, CSOs, directors of security for colleges and universities, with a small package of Bayer aspirin attached to it and a headline reading, “If You Have A Nagging Security Problem, Take These Aspirins And Call Me In The Morning.”  Then offer them a FREE 1 hour troubleshooting call along with a FREE detailed Security Report for their properties.
  3. Send out a mailing to all your security clients.  Attach a small bag of peanuts and use the headline, “You’d Be Nuts Not To Take Me Up On My Extended Service Care Program”. Using this piece is an easy way to sell annual service contracts and annual maintenance programs.  Again, there’s a hundred-and-one ways to use this piece to sell your services.

If your doing marketing like this, it’s always a 2006 economy for your business!  You don’t have to wait for Obama to correct things….you can do it yourself!

Remember, knowing and doing are two different things.

Peace, out!

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