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5 Lucky Traits Of A Successful Security Entrepreneur

I just got back from ISC West 2014, and it was a kick-butt good time! I had a chance to connect with a bunch of my SMG Members and had a chance to meet some old acquaintances, plus make some new connections out on the show floor.

One of the coolest things I had the opportunity to do, while in Vegas, was to rent a black Caddy (Cadillac) DSX and cruise out to the Valley Of Fire. The valley’s ‘bout 60 miles outside of Sin City. I was amazed at the sheer beauty of this desert location… it was incredible.

What really caught my attention was the panoramic field of view that you have out in the desert. In any direction you can see 40 miles out.

5-Lucky-Traits Valley Of Fire In The Nevada Desert

If you never leave town or your place of business, never associate with another security entrepreneur from a different part of the globe, then you’re really missing out. Your vision becomes myopic and you can’t see past the end of your nose, rendering you unable to see all the beautiful opportunities surrounding you.

The truth is that the seemingly lucky security entrepreneurs are opportunists. They do the things that allow them to take advantage of the world around them. For them, it’s not about being in the way of good luck or bad. It’s the actions they take that gives them a high return on their luck.

Follow these five tips and you can be as lucky as anyone, no four-leaf clover or horseshoe in your back pocket.

1. Play To Your Strengths. So much time and energy is wasted trying to do things you probably don’t do very well, and probably damn well shouldn’t be doing. Super successful and incredibly wealthy security entrepreneurs only focus on what they do the very best.

Everything else you can delegate, or you could find a partner | assistant to compensate for your weaknesses. That way, you will shine where you excel and attract massive opportunity. Good things come to those who radiate success.

2. When Sh*t Hits The Fan. Unlucky people often get that way because they’re reactive and unprepared for whatever comes. People who have stored food and water in their basements, backup generator, Glock 19, and a World Band Radio aren’t lucky to find themselves prepared when disaster strikes, they used forethought to make sure they had what they might need, just in case. I’m personally horrified when I talk with a security dealer | integrator who’s putting all their eggs in one basket with one client, and then that client leaves them high and dry.

3. Rise and Shine. Some people seem to have more hours in the day. I myself don’t need more than six-seven hours of sleep and am constantly finding ways to be more efficient and effective with my life, business, and family. I use that extra time to start my projects well in advance. My rewards aren’t dependent upon the time of day that I take action. (This email is being written at 0547 Hours) But it does matter that I’m beginning to explore projects I expect to complete months or years from now. So many people only want to put their energy into things that provide immediate gratification. The most fortunate people I know are the ones who planted seeds early and now reap that harvest of happiness over their lifetime.

4. Become A Connector. The key to success is access to opportunity. Access comes from influence. If you’re influential, people will come and bring opportunities to you. The bigger your herd (following,) the more powerful you wield your influence. The only way to build a big herd (following) is to provide world class service, outstanding security education, and tremendous value to as many people as possible. You have to provide the sort of value and service that will cause people to spread your thoughts far and wide attributing credit to you where ever they may roam. Are you creating that kind of value? If not, shame on you… It’s time you figure how you can.

5. ABFU, Spanky. Opportunities often come and go because people don’t respond lickety-split. I’m always amazed when people ask me for something and I respond, only to never hear from them again as they go off into the black hole of the cyber universe. Four months ago, a young college student asked me if I hire interns or assistants. I replied immediately saying I’m always willing to consider hiring right-smart individuals who bring immense value to my work. I asked her how she thought she could possibly enhance what we are doing. I never heard from her again… Maybe my questions was too difficult for her to answer. Perhaps she now considers herself unlucky that opportunity doesn’t come her way. I believe that following up is often more powerful and impressive than the act of initiating. ABFU = Always Be Following Up, it’s what separates the toddlers from the big gun sales consultants. You create your own luck, always did since the dawn of time.

Stay Awesome!


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