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5 Quick Security Marketing Tips To Get Your Business Going Right Now!

We just shot a video in our office that will give you 5 quick marketing tips to get your security business going right away! Check it out below by clicking the picture.

If you find something of value in the video that you can use, please leave a comment on our facebook plug-in or in the Speak Your Mind section of our website and we’ll send you a copy of the pink Courtesy Call Script that Jodi talks about in the video!

Leave a comment below and Jodi will send you a copy!


  1. Randy Brown says

    Thanks for the 5 marketing tips. They look very useful.

  2. Martin White says

    Awesome tips guys!! I thought a great tip was attacking the mailbox with a printed newsletter and having a electronic newsletter for emails. Please send me a copy of the call script.

    Thanks a million!


  3. Todd Self says

    Wish you guys would accept paypal. I did away with credit cards this year.


  4. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Todd,

    Let me see what I can do for you.


  5. Vikram Moomie says

    Brilliant and unique ideas. With your help I’m smoking my competition already.

  6. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Vikram,

    Thanks for the kind words. Your the type of guy that’s going to kick the competition ass.

    P.S. We’ll catch up in this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter coaching call.


  7. Tom Molinari Jr says

    Thanks for the video! You guys know all the little extra things add up to one big thing.Happy customers and a successful business. Id like to check out that script.

    Have a great weekend.

    Tom Molinari
    Mountain Alarm Inc

  8. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Tom,

    I appreciated the kind words. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes “Little hinges swing big doors.” – W. Clement Stone

  9. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Martin,

    Thanks for the kind words. Your call script was sent to your email. How did you hear about us?

    ~ Bob

  10. Chris Secure Advantage says

    Nice tips. It is time for me to reprint my fliers with the referral fee promotion. I always ask for referrals and get quite a few but it would be nice to get one off a flier that I stuck in somebods door when I missed them at home. Great ideas. Please email me the call script also.

  11. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Chris,

    I’m glad you pulled some wisdom from the video, like Natasha said, your security company should be running robotically.

    Let us know if you need anything else.


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