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5 Steps To Spiking Your Income (Audio Post)

I recently recorded an audio interview just for YOU! The interview is with Rick Miller my Security | Low-Voltage Turn-Around Expert on a Five Step process, aptly titled FORMULA 5, that will show you how to quite literally creating “money out of thin air.”

What the 5 Step process does is increase your sales and profitability in 5 different areas of your business. The cost for you to do this is… zero, zilch, nada, not one red thin-dime. But one thing you’ll need to do is upgrade the firmware in your belief systems, about how you treat your business and the process within your business.

What I don’t want you to be doing is chasing “shiny objects” and “widgets” (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogging) that leads down the boulevard to no-mans land. You have to understand the basic fundamental business-building strategies foremost. This FORMULA 5 is completely scalable, whether you’re a $250,000.00 – $20,000,000.00 dollar security company, by just doing small incremental shifts in each step, you can literally increase your business by 50%.

If you want to chase the latest “shiny object,” then you’re not an ideal candidate for Security Marketing Guru’s marketing & business-building strategies, and you should seek marketing guidance on Fiverr. What you’ll find there is a $5.00 an hour free lance worker from the Tawi-Tawi province in the Philippines whose operating out of a shanty on a dial-up connection.

But, if you want no Bull Sh*t straight forward advice, then listen to the 32 minute/39 second audio post. What Rick and I talk about are tried and true strategies that worked 100 years and will work 100 years from now – all rock-solid principles!

Like I said, the clue is in the title of the email, “Spike Your Income.”

In The Audio Post You’ll Devour:

– The # 1 killer of profit margins in the security industry!

– Why MARGIN is more important than VOLUME.

– The slow suicide of discounting price.

– Do you know what is the greatest impedance to growth, that doesn’t even cost a penny?

– The day this leads stop coming in happens is the day you business starts dying.

– What the heck do fishing poles have to do with selling security systems?

– Do you know how can you increase your ability to close a sale?

– What happens after a prospect says no that can up your conversion rate?

– What are the 2 most important questions you can ask your staff

– What is your company’s vision? Do you even know what it is?

– How would you like to pad your wallet, with an extra $40-$100K a year?

– There are only 2 types of security companies. Do you know what they are?

The Magic Genie Lamp
If you follow this formula that Rick and I lay out for you, it will be like rubbing a magic genie lamp, whenever you need a quick cash surge.

Listen to the Formula 5 with Rick Miller Audio Below


Have a great week!


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