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5 Super Hot Trends In Marketing!

bob-and-family-at-wonder-bar-pizzaMany low-voltage installer companies make the mistake of dwindling marketing money/resources once they feel their customer base is firmly  established. Almost overnight this way of thinking turns ya into a 3 toed sloth.  You get settled, you think you’ve reached the “top of the mountain” then guess what…you wake up and you realize that you built a sand castle at the beach and high tide is an hour away.  Business dynamics change minute to minute, hour to hour, and of course day by day.  Ain’t no sleep for you guys.
Here’s what happens while you’ve been day-dreaming. Costs increased, competition grew fierce, client base began to erode leaving many security businesses to close their doors.  Your key contact at that large facility takes an early retirement or gets fired and he’s replaced with a much younger person who has his own go-to security guy so your s*^&#@ out of luck—and let’s not forget about people croaking.

KEY #1- To survive this economy many security dealers are stepping up their marketing efforts on both playing fields- internal and external. Experts like moi  suggest that long-term success may hinge on retooling and adaptingwonder-bar marketing techniques proven by larger businesses.

KEY #2 -It will also depend on finding ways to bring excitement to this over-saturated market by adding personality to your campaigns and interactions.

KEY#3 – Another emerging trend is that customers are going on-line more and more for information. If you haven’t gotten beyond the technology curve then you need to and soon! This is the fastest growing market and you don’t want to be left out. A website alone is not enough to compete these days. You need a lead generation site to capture potential clients’ information from those who are not ready to call just yet but want more information.

KEY#4 – Make the commitment to fund on-going marketing to survive this market successfully. Don’t let your well of clients dry up like a river bed. Prime that pump with new clients  monthly that will do the BIG 3 – Stay, Pay, and Refer.

KEY#5 – Keep the increase in your bandwidth of communication and keep it real (a personal touch open with your existing clients). BY keeping your client base educated in the newest technologies and advancements out there you are able to spread your marketing by WOM (word of mouth) from your own clients who already know you and trust you.


P.S You Have to Check Out U2’s New CD, “No Line on The Horizon” awesome stuff!

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