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6 Rounds Of Ammo

I’m testing out a new format called 6 Rounds of Ammo. I’m gonna assemble six quick rounds of info for you. I’ll be aggregating articles and things that I read and listen to, plus I’ll give you some tidbits on business-building strategies I implement in my own security business and strategies from some of my members from around the world.

You might get this new email format once or twice a month. So, here’s the first edition of 6 Rounds of Ammo… hope you enjoy it!

This Week’s Focus Point –
One of my all-time-favorite quotes is from my first mentor, Jim Rohn, by way of the audio cassettes:  “To Have More, You Must Become More.” If you want to have “MORE” in your life, you need to become a better business owner, a better salesperson, better marketer, better at hiring people, a better family man/woman. You can’t get MORE by doing less.

Weekly Perspective –
“Luxury stains everyone it touches.”
Charles Ritz
Cesar Ritz was the eponymous Swiss founder of the famous & luxurious Hotel Ritz in Paris in 1898 and it’s from his name and that of his hotels that the term “ritzy” derives. His son, Charles, made the quote above.

By offering “White Glove” client service you can create Customers For Life.  Look for ways to delight and surprise your clients. They don’t have to be “rizty” or expensive in nature. For instance, if you know that a client has an interest in architecture and you see a great article about a new architecturally interesting building being erected, send your client a quick email with a link to the article (or scan the article and attach it as a PDF) with a brief note saying you know how much they are interested in architecture and thought they might be interested in this article. This strategy won’t cost you a thin dime, but you want to talk about WOWing your clients?! Try it out :)

What I’m Reading –
Last week, I took the whole family to Italy during spring break. On the plane ride over, I read a good chunk of the book I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes, I couldn’t put the book down and blame the book entirely for my lack of sleep on the way over and for my first day of jet lag. If you like the spy/espionage genre this is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

What I’m Listening To –
I love this song from Boston’s very own alternative rock band “The Pixies,” called Debaser. It was featured in the show Billions which just wrapped up on Showtime.

Master the Art of Delegation –
If you want your security company to continue growing, but you don’t want to burn yourself out, then eventually you’ll have to start delegating. The good news is that delegation eventually allows you a lot more freedom because other people are handling the essential functions of your business. You just have to make sure you’re delegating properly, so consider these five strategies to help you delegate like a boss.

The Best Way To Stay In Touch With Your Clients
One of the very best ways to stay in touch with your clients and prospects, maintain and nurture relationships, increase sales, referrals and RMR, and help your website’s online ranking, is to offer an eNewsletter. Check out the 3 Most Profitable Ways To Use Our eNewsletter.

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