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7 Commonly-Made Mistakes To Security Websites That Are Deadly


It’s Friday and it’s going to a beautiful weekend up here in Massachusetts…sun gonna be shinin’, weather gonna be warm, flowers are all in full bloom, and my daughter, Kiera, will be celebrating her First Communion, on Saturday. I got the pool temp up to 75 degrees for her party – a big, ole’ fashion hoe down at my ranch after the services.

I’m going to give you the 7 Commonly-Made (I should say VERY Commonly-Made) Mistakes To Security Websites That Are Deadly to PROFITS in a minute, but first I want to discuss something very important to your website’s success:

One very important security marketing pillar is your website. We all know how important it is to have a killer website that dominates the search engines and pulls your site up on the FIRST PAGE of Google when people are searching for security systems, video surveillance, access control, fire alarms, biometrics, intercoms and paging, home theater, satellite systems, GPS systems, locksmiths, and whatever other security specialty you have. If you’re not on PAGE ONE on Google (the only page most people search), it’s costing you a lot in sales and RMR…period!

We all know how important it is to have a site that targets the prospects who are visiting, and captures their interest with relevant, interesting and updated content. It’s also very important to capture the visitors’ contact information…immediately!

Is your site set up to do all of the above? Does your site drive prospects to it’s doors and provide them with content that is not only interesting, but positions YOU as the trusted, expert source in the security field and the go-to-guy for all their security needs?

Are you using WordPress, to it’s full optimization, for your website….Google LOVES the WordPress platform and utilizes it’s special powers to boost your search engine ranking/listing on Google. If you’re not using WordPress, you should be and will be soon…keep reading on!!

A Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Mistake – Not Perfecting Your Website
If you are not doing all of the above, you’re loosing valuable web leads (a.k.a. $$$$) …believe me, much, much more than you can imagine! So many people now search the web for their security needs, that it’s a shame, and a BIG profit deflator, if you’re site is not positioned correctly and designed to attract, capture and retain customers.

If you’re interested in DOMINATING Google, DRIVING more qualified traffic to your site, CAPTURING visitors contact information and SELLING many more security systems, then I’ve got the SOLUTION for you:

Ruby Tuesday…
Starting next Tuesday, (5/25/10) myself and my SEO/Web Designer Guru friend, Bill Parlaman, who hails from Philly, are offering a small and intimate Kick-A$$ Website Bootcamp to the first 10 people that apply.

We have only 3 seats left, so if you’re interested in joining us for an eight-week course…where, in a nutshell, you’ll get a brand-spankin’ new, fully-functioning WordPress website (remember, WordPress is the number ONE website in getting higher search engine rankings cuz Mr. Google has a love-affair with Ms. WordPress’s platform…let’s just say, they bonded well together) plus you’ll get blogging capability and a site that not only gets high-ranking with Google, but is set up and designed to attract, capture and retain your prospects, then get to signing up now! (For full course details, plus four insane bonuses you’ll get with the course, read on.)

We can only take the first 3 who first respond at:

Crazy Deal!
This course will run you $997. Normally, Bill charges $1,795.00 for this service, but, after I twisted his arm and promised him dinner at Abe and Louie’s in Boston (that’s going to cost me a small fortune!), he’s agreed to provide you, my cronies, with a special deal!

Crazy Money-Back Guarantee!
I can’t promise Bill will offer this deal to me, again, so take him up on this offer…it does come with a money-back guarantee – if after five classes your not totally satisfied, then you’ll get ALL your money back. Do you think your local web designer would offer such a great deal and guarantee?? Do you offer such a great deal and guarantee to your clients…I sure hope so!

As In Life and In Business, The Early Bird Really Does Catch The Worm
For those of you still sitting on the fence, you may be too late because 3 other “Early Birds” have already caught the worm, but I still want to tell you what you’ll get with this incredible offer:

Week 1: “Finding What Your Buyers Want and Creating Your Website’s SEO Blue Print”
Week 2: ” How to Pick an SEO-Friendly Domain Name (very important for a good listing on search engines!), Hosting and Installing WordPress Blogs.
Week 3: “WordPress 101: Discover The Ins and Outs of Using WordPress”
Week 4: “How To Create Your Content, Fast & Easy!”
Week 5: “How To Add Bells & Whistles To Your Website…Discover How to Easily Add pictures, Videos, PDF’s, Podcasts, Capture forms and Much, Much more!
Week 6: “Traffic Generation Secrets… Get The Insider Secrets to Attracting Tons of “Qualified” Leads To Your Website.
Week 7: “Discover How To Successfully Leverage Your Business Blogs To Make Huge Profits. Blogging can make you the Oprah Winfrey of the security world…overnight. It’s painless and easy to do…I’ll show you how!

Week 8: “How To Outsource EVERYTHING! You’ll discover how to find qualified outsourcers for as little as $2.00 an hour!

You’ll Also Get These Four Phenomenal Bonuses:
1) A 30 minute 1:1 consulting call with Bill after the workshop to go over all your questions and make sure your getting the website you deserve!

2) A 60 minute radical webinar on how you can can leverage the social media to rapidly grow your security/low voltage business.

3) A “Smoking-Hot” post card exclusively designed (not signed) by me, Bob Maunsell, that will announce and feature your website to the world…and drive a stampede to your door!

4) Three (3) months FREE hosting for your brand new website.

This offer expires at 11:59pm EST Monday (5/24/10) and you do not want to miss out!

To register for this incredibly low-priced Kick-A$$ Website Bootcamp (for $997) that comes with a ridiculous guarantee—protected money-back guarantee for up to five weeks!— then click here:

Now, let’s get to the 7 Commonly-Made Website Mistakes That Are Costing You A Bundle! that Bill has so graciously provided:

1. The text on your website is too small-If the text on your website is too small it will greatly
diminish the readability of your website. I’d recommend a font size of at least 12px. If you
market directly to senior citizens consider bumping it up to 14 px.

2. Using huge blocks of text-Big blocks of text< br />are intimidating to your readers. It’s
important to break your text into smaller chunks with bullet points, sub-headlines, bold fonts and
smaller paragraphs. Try limiting your paragraphs to no more than three sentences.

3. No “About Us” Or “About Me” Page-Many times the “About Us” page is the second page
clicked on your website after the home page. Your visitor wants to learn more about you and more about your business. Consider writing your “About Us” page in the first person answering
these three questions: Who you are, how your background and expertise solves your readers
problems and how to contact you.

4. No “Contact Us” Page-One of the biggest hurdles you must overcome in your marketing,
especially online, is lack of trust . Offering multiple ways to contact you assures your buyers
that you&rs quo;re not a fly by night operation.

4. Welcome to my website-Honestly, can’t you come up with something a little more creative?
Give your visitors a benefit rich headline and make an offer for some free information so they
can learn about you and your business.

5. Not changing the color of your visited links-This is really a website navigation issue.
Your buyers will get lost in your website if you’re not using different colors for your
visited links. The easier your website is to navigate the longer your buyers hang around and
buy your stuff!

6.Not enough contrast between your page color and font color-Make sure there is enough color
contrast between your font color and page background. Avoid busy or colored backgrounds if
you can. Just stick to a white background with black text for maximum readability.

7.Not using a simple tag line on your site-Your tag line should summarize what your business
does. Sure you can do this on your “About Us” page, but why make your visitors work so
hard to find it? You can use a tag line, a headline atop your website or both. ( Notice I
use a tag line and a headline on my website)

Making these simple yet powerful changes will create a more usable website for your visitors which, in turn, builds more trust and confidence between you and your clients/prospects and will make YOU more money!

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