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7 Ways To Slay The Competition Using Free Reports and Kick-Ass Offers

This will be a quick read, but a very insightful and powerful one, at that. It’s my daughter, Bridget’s, 9th birthday tomorrow so I got to head out and get her some gifts (she wants at least a dozen different Webkinz!)

But I don’t want to leave you without a few pearls of wisdom, so here it goes…

One of the best ways to separate your security/low voltage business from your competitors is to use niched (e.g.  for nursing home safety, for fortune 500 top CSO’s security tips, etc.)  free reports to generate high-quality leads.   You can pitch this free report in a direct mail piece, on your website, in your company newsletter, in a magazine ad, in a radio/tv ad, etc.

After receiving and reading your free reports, folks will be predisposed to do business with you.  Your free report has proven that you are the knowledgeable, expert in the field and you have pre-sold your company before you’ve even shown up, on-site, to conduct your 32 Point Security Audit (TM).

Targeted free reports and Kick-ass offers are key components in developing and “ESP(TM)” style security business – Easy, Successful and Profitable!

Here’s 7 things that you should include in your free reports:
1. Include your offer in the headline.
Prospects move quickly and won’t stick around waiting for you to get to the point. If you want them to take advantage of an offer, say so right from the get-go:

“Announcing a FREE 32 Point Security & Energy Audit – For Auto Dealers Who Are Interested In Slashing Energy Bills in Half and Installing a Virtual “Trip-Wire” Around Your Property That Will Prevent Car Thieves From Vandalizing Your Car Lot…Ever Again”

This sure beats the same old, worn-out security messages… We’re The  #1 XYZ  Security Company in Akron, Ohio…. Our Goal Is Your Security…. Security Is My Passion… We Don’t Sleep At Night So You Can….

This is what I call Message – Market – Match. You’re flagging and talking only to the market you want to do business with.

2. Explain the offer early in your message.

It’s a big mistake to wait until the end of the message to explain the offer. Again, it’s a fact of life that readers want you to get to the point quickly, so let them know what you have to offer immediately:

“Dear Ivan:

I’m writing with a free offer that can help you solve some of the toughest security problems you face every day …

If you contact NTX Security immediately, I’ll send you a copy of our fact-filled ‘Complete Guide to Stopping Home Invasions’ absolutely free.

This ‘must read’ 12-page report reveals and shares the vitally important lessons we’ve learned over the past 20 years in securing homes in the Dallas, TX area…etc.

3. Include the word “Free.”
You know this rule, of course. So tell me why this magic word isn’t used more widely in marketing materials. Hey, it works…trust me on this one!

4. Stress the fact that your offer has no strings attached.
Very important. Your prospects want to know that if they respond, they won’t be hounded in the future. So be sure to let them know:

“Please remember that there is nothing to buy and no risk or obligation of any kind.”

5. Include a photo of your free report.
If you have a free report, whitepaper, information kit, or free ANYTHING, show it. A photo of your fulfillment piece makes the offer real. The picture can appear on the envelope, letter or  business reply card or your direct mail piece, on your webpage, inside your newsletter, in your advertisement, etc.

And don’t forget a callout (a short block of copy that’s linked to a photograph or illustration by a straight line). It tells readers what they’re going to get and why it’s worth requesting the offer!

6. Use compelling copy to sell.

Whatever you do, don’t make a bland statement.

WRONG: Get our free report now.

RIGHT: Get our free report, “Seven Ways to Protect Yourself Against Home Invasions”, or  “Five Ways to Protect Your Family Jewels!”

WRONG: Don’t miss our free Information Kit.

RIGHT: Don’t miss our free Information Kit, “How to Choose the Right Security Integrator for Your Airport Security”

7. Make it a “limited-time” offer.
One of the ways to get your readers to act is to create a sense of urgency. So give them a deadline. (You can always contact them later and say that due to incredible demand, you’re extending the deadline.)

Have a Gr8 weekend!
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