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8 Ways To Create A Dirt Cheap Sales Funnel

First off, I’d like to send out my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the senseless tragedy in Boston. It feels kinda weird to be talking about marketing, but we’ll press on and continue to deliver positivity to the world around us.

This post is right on target for Friday. Today, I’m taking my girls, along with their cousins, down to the “Submarine Capital of the World,” which is located in Groton, CT. We are going down for a discovery day to learn all we can about submarines, they’re an incredible piece of sophisticated technology.

I have a keenness for submarines cuz they operate in *STEALTH* mode, and when you operate in *STEALTH* it makes it flinty for your competitors to knock you off. Submarines are also used as a DELIVERY SYSTEM for conveying nuclear weapons to their targets. Watch the video below if you’d like to discover 8 Dirt-Cheap Ways to Create a Delivery System That Will Nuke Your Competition.

Have an incredible weekend!


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