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9 Tips To Becoming More Successful In Security Business!

If you wish to succeed or remain successful in the electronic security industry, you must become a student for the rest of your lifetime. Here’s a few things you can learn….and what I recommend for some dirt-cheap ways to becoming the go-to security guy or gal in your local marketplace. Nothing will stop you – except YOU.

1- No Follow Up = No Installs = No RMR = No $$$ – My mantra is “Don’t chance losing a proposal to your competition. Always be following up, following up, following up with prospects and clients until they die or buy.

2- Be A Teacher – You’ll attract more buyers by TEACHING folks about security than you’ll ever attract by simply trying to sell them your products or services.

3- Three Other Guys – Someone is choosing between you and 3 other security dealers | integrators right now… What are you doing to make your company stand out from the other guys?

4- Transaction vs Relationship: Are you hawking just security equipment or are you striving to create a lifetime relationship after the sale with your clients? The more you treat your clients as personal friends, the more they’ll talk about you with their family & friends, and the more they’ll want to do business with you.

5- Compete On This – Compete on OUTSTANDING SERVICE, SECURITY EXPERTISE, TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS, and you’ll achieve a far more resilient and profitable security business.

6- My All Time Favorite Business Building Quote! “Do What You Do So Well That People Can’t Help Telling Others About You.” ~ Walt Disney

7- Dead Man Walking – The main reason that Security Dealers | Integrators struggle is that they only have “1” primary way of getting new clients. You need to have a minimum of at least four (4) funnels for attracting new clients (Structured Referral, Client Newsletter, Email Newsletter, Website.)

8 – Profitable University – Cultivate an environment within your security business where everyone is encouraged to come up with better & more productive ways to do things.

9- Affluent Folks – The higher the income/net worth of an individual, the more buying decisions are made based on “PEER REFERRAL” rather than formal advertising!

Stay Awesome & Have A Great Weekend!


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