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A “Brass Balls” USP (Unique Selling Proposition) That No Security Dealer Can Be Without!

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Security MarketingHey,

Just Alex here. Bob’s out of the office today. I just got done with my lunch…some great wings from a local joint. I figured I’d share this cool ad that I found on the net. It was done by 3M, and it featured their ‘security glass’ product. I’ll beat Bob to the punch and relate this ad to security marketing before he does!

Marketing in the security industry is like marketing anything – getting lost in the mix will kill you. Being ‘safe and secure’ ain’t gonna cut it. It’s too timid! You need a strong statement to pull people in.

Take 3M’s Safety and Security Window Films marketing gambit. This is a fantastic product by the way; in addition to protecting from solar glare, cutting down ultraviolet rays, and providing energy savings, this window film bolsters the integrity of the glass so it can stand up to severe weather, attempted burglaries, and even bomb blasts and other explosions.

To prove this last point, 3M launched an ad campaign in which they stacked what appeared to be $1 million in cash (but was actually $500) inside a display case encased in their ‘security glass’. The deal was, if you could kick in the glass, you’d get the money inside. This is a great example of ‘guerilla marketing’, and it’s gotten great results. Just Google this ad and you’ll see a ton of positive feedback about it. People loved this ad! Who knew a security ad could be so compelling?! (Not to brag, but I kinda did)

Make your ad bold; make a promise. If your promise stands out, and strikes a chord with the market, you’ll see great results from the ground up and increase your market share. Talking about service and peace of mind doesn’t cut it. A great USP will repel the Dead-Beats, Lookey-Loos and Tire-Kickers who’ll just waste your time. Instead, you’ll be attracting more legit security clients your way. After all, selling is all about making a promise. Make the biggest promise you can without over-promising. That’s a USP – the promise no one else can make…or has the guts to make (like tempting people to break into a glass street display for cash).

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