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A Killer Strategy That Will Blow Ur Clients’ Socks Off

Trulucks, Naples Florida
I vacationed down in the Sunshine state for 10 days with the family a while ago. We had a rockin’ good time; we went to Naples, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, and Clearwater Beach. If you ever get a chance, you need to check out Captiva Island. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve been to in Florida. Back in the day when I was single, my destination would have been South Beach – I couldn’t get enough of South Beach in my early 30’s! But times have changed, and so have I, and I’ve become more of a Naples, Sanibel, Captiva person.

My favorite restaurant in Florida is Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, Tampa. I believe it’s one of Florida’s oldest restaurants. The place is outstanding and if you go to any one of their locations (I’ve been to their St. Augustine and St. Petersburg restaurants, too) they’re spot-on.

But the restaurant I really want to tell you about is Truluck’s, located in beautiful Naples. When I travel I like to dine at high-end steak joints, so I did a Google search on my iPhone “best steaks Naples,” and Truluck’s popped up # 1 with outstanding reviews.

So I made reservations for Natasha and myself. We had dinner in this beautiful restaurant, the steaks were phenomenal, and the side dishes were five star. The bill for the two of us came up to $250, the steaks were around 50 bucks a pop and the stone crab claw @ $79. I said several times to Natasha, “Damn, this is awesome steak and crab!” Even after we left I said that had to be one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten. When I got up the next day I was still going on about how incredible the steak, crab and side dishes were and about the superb service.

As I was ranting and raving, my iPhone started ringing; it was an incoming call from Naples 1-239-262-5292. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t answer calls that I don’t recognize. For some reason I answered this one and it was Truluck’s Restaurant calling, as a courtesy, to see how our dining experiences was the night before.

Well, I was simply blown away by this call because I’ve been to Ruth’s Chris, Capital Grill, Abe & Louie’s, Smith & Wollensky and The Palm. Not one of these restaurants ever made a courtesy call to see how my dining experience was and, mind you, these restaurants are all high-end dining establishments, just like Truluck’s.

Courtesy Call Script

Courtesy Call Script

If you really want to knock clients’ socks off and impress the heck out of them, conduct a courtesy follow-up call to see if your clients are happy with the installation or service work. This will really separate you from all your competitors and show that you sincerely care about your clientele.

Killer Client Follow-Up Call Script
And I have a killer follow up script just for this call! This script will blow away your clients and get them all warm and fuzzy about you. And when you have warm, fuzzy, happy clients, they tell others about you (referrals!) and think of only you when they need security or a friend/family member/colleague needs security. It’s such a simple strategy with broad range of profitable results.

Most service companies out there say “Our Customers Are #1!” I can guarantee you that not one of those companies are doing a follow up courtesy call. If you want to be perceived as the Ritz Carlton of security, then you need to implement this strategy this minute!

I have talked about this strategy before and I can’t tell you how surprised and pleased your clients will be by this simple act. You will be perceived in your community as a 5 star security company. We use it in-house at my security company, and I can tell you with certainty that it works!

Do You Want This Killer Follow Up Call Script?
I’m going to make is even simpler for you to implement this strategy by giving you this priceless script if you sign up for one of my three coaching clubs.

Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Club™
Mini-Maverick Coaching Club™
Maverick Coaching Club™

Once you sign up, we’ll email you the bonus script, and you can get going “Wowing” your clients & converting them into raving fans!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!


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