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ABL = Always Be Learning and Join Me At ISC West

Here’s my mantra for life:


ABL = Always Be Learning

What did you learn this week, that you didn’t know last week? Here are six (6) facets of your business that you should research every week. If you don’t, you ain’t serious ‘bout your business…

1) Your Own Business
– Did you insurance rates go up?
– Can you buy product better from another supply house?
– When was the last time you were on a job-site to make sure your project was up to snuff?
– Are any of your techs thinking about leaving and setting up their own shop?
– When was the last time you called your office to see how the phones are answered?
– When was the last time you followed up with your top ten (10) clients?

2) Your Competitors
– Did they hire a new sales rep?
– Did they get an exclusive product line?
– Are they going out of business?
– Are they running radio ads?
– What hourly rates and bennies are they offering their techs?
– What commish are they paying their sales reps?

3) Relevant Security Trends
– Are you well versed in Mega-Pixel camera systems?
– Are all of your security techs up to speed on Layer 2?
– Erosion of the security installs to DIY crowd?
– The Gold-Rush known as hosted and managed-services?
– Using heartbeats for Biometric Authentication?

4) Your Clients Or The Niche Markets You Serve
– Which of your clients are expanding moving or building bigger facilities?
– Is one of your key accounts being sold off or bought?
– Is new state licensing coming into play that requires more certification or training?

5) Success Topics
– Are you eating healthy and working out out 3-4 times a week?
– What sales and marketing books are you devouring on a weekly basis?
– What did you write down in your daily planner that you were most proud of this week?
– Discover any new time management secrets?
– What did you read about managing your finances better?

6) Marketing Topics
– What new client referral strategy did you learn about & implement this week?
– Did you grasp how to put your security marketing system on auto-pilot?
– What new client attraction strategies did you uncover today?
– How much do you know about email marketing?
– Do you have a good ol’ fashioned paper & ink newsletter going out to your clients and prospects?

They’re you have it – six (6) facets of your business that you should know cold every week.

But wait a little birdie told Bob has something more in store for you.

More Gua-Ran-Teed Learning & Money-Making
Strategies In The Desert!

I’m putting together two events of my own events out in the desert at ISC West next month, read on my my dear friend and let me know if you want to get jiggy with it.

The Two Events Are:
1) Zappos Culture Tour
2) Security Sales & Marketing Seminar at The Learning Village

These two events will be held on Thursday, April 3rd between 9:00 am – 1pm so you’ll still have plenty of time to get back to the ISC West show. The events are free for SMG members and transportation will be provided to and fro. I’ll give you further details, once I firm the plans.

Many of you that went on the Zappos Culture Tour with me three years ago have been clamoring to go back. So now’s your chance. At Zappos, you’ll learn their formula for creating fanatical, loyal customers. I’ve been faithfully buying my shoes at Zappos for over 10 years now (I got a size 14 shoe) and I’m a VIP member. Their loyalty program will blow you away. They will share with you how to take customers and turn them into fanatics, and how they brilliantly handle disgruntled customers and turn them into raving fans. If you think you’ve got a fun business, you won’t believe what goes on at Zappos!

At the Sales & Marketing Seminar, Rick Miller and I will discuss some great online and offline marketing strategies and members can share the best sales & marketing practices they use in their security businesses. It will be a fun seminar and you’ll learn some new sales and marketing tactics you can start using right away in your security business.

For those of you who truly want an E.S.P. style business (Easy, Successful & Profitable), then you need to get your butt to these two events.

I know you’re heading to ISC West to see new security technologies, but the BIG money is in creating a Zappos-style business.

let me know AFAP (As Fast As Possible) if you’re going to be in the desert that week and want to join me April 3rd (9am – 1pm).

And if you’re serious about wanting to create an E.S.P. style security business, sign up for my Smokin’ Security Newsletter Coaching Program Today! We’ll send you out a pallet load of money-making bonuses just for joining!

I’d love to see you out in the desert!


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