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Acquiring New Security Clients In Desperate Times

Hey it’s the end of an awesome three-day weekend for me and I want to give you three different trains of thought that were going through my head over the weekend…Virgin Airlines, Security Marketing and Chicken Little.

If there is one business entrepreneur I really admire it is swash-buckler Sir Richard Branson.  He has been a Maverick Business Entrepreneur his whole business life!  This guy has so many business successes –  most notably Virgin Music and Virgin Airlines and too many  others for this weekly Smack Down to note.

I was watching the news the other day and Sir Richard was in Boston to promote his latest business venture – Virgin America. A new division of Virgin Airlines that will have daily non-stop flights between Boston (Red Sox) and Los Angeles (Dodgers), and between Boston and San Francisco (Giants) – hey what can I say, it’s the start of baseball spring training.

When asked about what effect this Global Melt Down would have on his new airline, Sir Richard said: “There’s no questions it’s the most challenging time I’ve seen in my lifetime.” But, he added, “It’s fun to go out there and try to improve and shake up an industry.”

What Sir Richard did differently, in his Virgin America Airlines, was to give passengers what they are looking for in air travel to make their flights more enjoyable. Lord knows how painful, uncomfortable and down right boring it is to fly nowadays.  Not with Virgin America!  The planes are equipped with mood lighting, Wi-Fi access, power outlets, and touch screen entertainment networks at every seat, along with some of the hottest stewardess in the blue skies!  Sir Rich knows what he’s doing!

Count ’em, he’s got five (5) different strategies for making people feel relaxed, comfortable and entertained at 30,000 feet in the air. While all the other airlines are griping and complaining for handouts from the good old U.S. Government, instead of trying to do the little things to make people happy!

Last time I read, the $787 Billion stimulus package is stiffing the Security Dealer, Home Theater installer, Security Integrators and Electrical Contractors.  So, if you’re looking for help from the government, the cavalry is NOT coming! You’ll have to turn things around for yourself…

I have a  Security Maverick named Cliff who hails from New York State.  He has a trade show coming up and he’ll be driving to the trade show with seven (7) of my *Military Grade* security marketing strategies for acquiring new security clients in desperate times.  Unlike most alarm dealers that just show up at a trade show wishing and a hoping for clients to walk their way, Cliff is heavily armed and dangerous and geared for maximum security client acquisition and security client retention!

You can take on the Chicken Little philosophy of OMG “The Sky is Falling” or you can learn new ways to market your security business. If the latter is your bag, you should be asking yourself, “Self, how can I grab more attention for my security business?”

I gave you two examples of Business Mavericks (Sir Richard and Lord Cliff) that are doing business outside the box to gain more market share and build their businesses.

I told you exactly what Virgin America did to there airlines, I’m sorry but I can’t disclose Cliff’s *Military Grade* security marketing strategies.  There a state secret between myself and the other Security Mavericks who were on the Mastermind call that night.

I want to close with some morals to the “Chicken Little” fable… to have COURAGE and not believe everything you see and hear.  When Chicken Little thought the sky was truly falling, he whipped the populace into mass hysteria, which the unscrupulous fox used to manipulate the mass for his own personal gain.  So, don’t believe all the hype! Create your own personal economy and have the courage to go out there and believe in yourself and what you’re doing!

Now is the time to walk forward with confidence and boldness.

Bob Maunsell
Security Marketing Guru

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