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Are You A Thoroughbred Race Horse, Or Not?

I was watching the news last night and saw that California Chrome has been given round the clock security. This is a huge weekend for horse racing fans around the world.

The 70’s Was Huge For Triple Crown Winners
No horse has won the Triple Crown since Affirmed concluded his iconic rivalry with Alydar by winning the Belmont, by a nose, in 1978. Affirmed became the third Triple Crown winner in six years. Secretariat had broken a 25-year drought by overpowering all 3-year-olds to win the Triple Crown in 1973, and Seattle Slew won it in 1977. The 36 years since Affirmed won the Triple Crown is the biggest gap in Triple Crown history since Sir Barton became the first horse to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes in 1911.

I’m amazed at the grooming, feeding, restraining, and tackling that goes into a racehorse, these animals are huge investments for their owners, so they want to take care of the horses the best that they can.

Are You Taking Care Of Yourself Like A Thoroughbred?
Most security entrepreneurs like to spend long days working really hard and chasing down the almighty buck, with little to no regard for taking care of themselves.

Let me ask you this question:

How can you reach your full potential if all your doing is nose to the grindstone, day in and day out?

Listen, don’t get me wrong your suppose to work hard, but you can’t run yourself ragged for the sake of the almighty dollar either. What good is it to get to the winners circle and collapse with a heart attack, so someone else can savor your spoils. If you’re not taking care of yourself now, then you won’t be when you retire…. It’s that simple!

What type of racehorse would you have, if you treated it like this:

– You feed yourself a steady diet of McDonald’s, Burger King, and Tombstone Pizza.

– You swill soda or booze and eat junky snacks.

– The only exercise you get is when you waddle to the commode.

– You answer emails while you’re eating dinner with the family.

– You do not partition time for personal development.

How can you ever have a breakthrough in your business if you’re always working, working, working, and working some more to burn the midnight oil?

Breakthroughs rarely happen while you’re sitting at your desk, hunched over your laptop or lumping boxes of low-voltage cable up 10 flights of stairs.

No sir ree…

Breakthroughs come while you’re out enjoying yourself.

Like any good racehorse, you need to spend some time just lollygagging around the pasture to really take in life.

So, are you really taking care of yourself?

Here’s a good way to find out…

-How much time do you spend cycling, skiing, walking, swimming, lifting weights, doing CrossFit or doing yoga?

-How much time do you spend reading for pleasure? Not reading technical manufacturer’s manuals.

-How much time do you engage in light-hearted conversations with no ***obvious*** business motive?

-How much time do you spend journaling and reflecting on your day?

– How much time do you spend mediating?

-How much time do you spend on vacation?

-How much time do you spend listening to music, strolling through art museums, cooking, painting, playing chess, playing guitar or just laying in your hammock looking up at a bright big blue sky?

– How much time do you spend sleeping in your bed?

– How much time do you spend encouraging and horsing around with your kids?

– How much time do you spend praising your thoroughbred significant other? If you don’t treat your significant other like a thoroughbred, you know the old saying that he or she will turn into a nag?

– How much time do you spend courting your significant other?

If you’re like most security entrepreneurs, the answer is “not much” or “not enough”.

Major Burn Out And Then The Glue Factory
If you’re not taking care of for yourself right now, you and the folks closest to you are gonna burn out, and then you’ll eventually die a lonely death, and, after which, your horse carcass will sent of to the Glue Factory, and will be boiled down to glue. What a hell of a way to go!

Lesson to be learned: Take Care Of Yourself!

Have a great weekend (and take some time for yourself)!


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