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I’m Sorry Your Boring?

Is Your Security Marketing Like Watching Paint Dry?Gothchaya didn’t I…

Today I want you to consider what will happen to your security company if, shall we shall say, it becomes ho-hum – yah know, kinda boring…trust me, it happens to the best of ‘em!

I didn’t mean to offend you (if I did), but…

I just wanted to get your attention! To remind you that if your security marketing becomes boring nobody will give yah a lick of attention – and mind you – you  need all the *attention* you can get nowadays for your security business.

Who wants to get stuck standing next to the boring dolt at a party? That’s right…no one.

Who gives a lick of attention to the wallflower in the corner of the room?  Not many.

You got to remember there’s so much stimuli out in the world competing for your clients’ and prospects’ attention, that your advertising has to rise above the noise and chatter of all the other yahoos out there!Have your marketing campaigns and security sales presentations become as boring as watching paint dry?

Consider this….Are your methods for securing and safeguarding homes and business recycled from 10 years ago, or are you using modern, state-of-the-art electronic counter measures to keep the crooks and meth-heads out of the places you’re trying to protect? Then why not join the 21 century with your marketing techniques as well!? Do your clients even comment if you send out a newsletter, or a quarterly postcard? If you’re not playing on the edge with your security marketing and security application knowledge…you will in FACT become boring and irrelevant.

The money is in the Shock-And-Awe Marketing of your security company, and delivering WOW service!

Do People Want You To Show Up?
This is one of the keys to the kingdom- when people WANT you to show up. Here is a heart-felt testimonial I received from one of my (Smokin’ Security Newsletters Members)


I can’t wait to receive the monthly newsletter from Bob and his group. I have a brass balls guarantee with referrals on the back. Just finished our 4th bi-monthly newsletter and I’m hearing from customers that they like it. Even had one customer (retired teacher) that made corrections on it and brought it by the office. I thought that was great because it showed that he read it. Also received a call thanking me for the thank you card I sent a new client. I am seeing positive changes that will only help as our company goes forward, we  still have things to do as our company works on a new educational web site. Thanks for the help and motivation.

Charlie Cleary
Always Alert Security
Bethany, OK.

As you can see from Charlie, he’s not boring; he’s brought excitement into his business and his clients are stimulated and involved with his marketing.  Charlie has gone from working *IN* his business to working *ON* his business…because that’s where the money’s at, Jack!
So, what are you doing – right now – to make your security company standout in your marketplace? It’s easier then you might think!

Be that bright light of enthusiasm
Check out my little eight-year-old marketing whiz!  She came up with a great attention getting scheme…on, of all places, the inside of a bottle cap.  She said she would think of a way to get my attention, when I wasn’t looking, and she certainly did!  She knew a daily habit I had, she interrupted it, broke through the clutter and got my FULL attention, and she made me smile.

There is so much negativity, fear, and hopelessness moving around this economy right now, what you need to be now more then ever is that bright light of enthusiasm, and put a big old smile on your clients face!

The #1 thing to remember in marketing is not to be boring!

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