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Are You Have A Fun Company To Do Business With?


Hope all is well with you. I’m feeling pretty refreshed after a week in the Valley of The Sun (aka Phoenix). Phoenix looks nothing like New England, that’s for sure. The average temp was 105 degrees during the day and 90 degrees at night, I could get used to that weather for part of the year, like mainly the winter season around these parts.

Can I ask you a personal question that I want you to answer honestly and openly? Do you consider your company a FUN company to do business with?

If you answered the question YES good for you. If you answered the question NO, then it’s something you need to work on.

September Smokin’ Security Newsletter Bonus – Smiley Face Testimonial Explosion Generator!

I don’t think I need to tell you how important client testimonials are. Real words from real, live people carry so much more weight with buyers then do slick, glossy advertisements. People expect you to say wonderful things about your own product, service, or cause. But when they hear other people saying wonderful things about you, then they really start believing in you. Customer testimonials support your claims and build confidence.

You should be amassing all kinds of testimonials: written, audio, video. The more abundant and diverse they are, the better.

Here is a new testimonial generator that I created. It’s called The Smiley Face Testimonial Generator. This piece is a creative way for clients to show that they really like you and like doing business with you. It incorporates a written testimonial (on the back) with an artistic interpretation of how the client feels about you. At a quick glance, it visually speaks to prospects about the relationship you have with your clients. It also shows that you’re a fun and trusted company to do business with.

What’s Included In The September Issue of The Smokin’ Security Newsletter:

– Do you wanna see a wicked cool testimonial from a Hollywood celebrity? (page 10)

– Play this game after your initial site visit that will send your closings through the roof.

– How to position your company as royal and elegant security installer. (page 4)

– If you have sales rep they better be performing this task in order to close MORE sales. (page 5)

– Wake-Up Call: Educated vs. Uneducated Customer – Which one do you really want as a client?

– The incredible power of email. (page 6)

– Why email is far superior than having folks “like” your facebook fan page. (page 7)

– The strangest secret about success. (page 3)

– Why email marketing should be one of the key components in your marketing arsenal. (page 8)

– The future of marketing your security business! (It’s not what you think) (page 9)

Come and get your hands on this months’ Smokin’ Security Newsletter!

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