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Are You Working Your Local Markets Deep?

The other night, after dinner, The family and I were watching a very interesting show on the National Geographic channel – one of our favorite channels to watch. The show was about new technology called directional drilling (a.k.a. horizontal drilling.) This new technology is being used by the oil drilling industry to drill at angles or sideways across a zone of rock that bears oil or natural gas thousands of feet below the surface. It allows the oil companies to reach profitable pockets of oil that were never attainable before.

The oil industry has figured out an economical way to get the biggest bang for their buck! They aren’t coming up for air until they’ve extracted maximum profit from their venture.

Likewise, you need to start angling your drill bit and begin reaching pools of untapped clients.

Pumping More Oil From Your Field
Very often, we get so caught up trying to drill more new oil wells that we end up not extracting the maximum barrels of oil out of existing wells.

In other words, we focus on generating new leads and selling to new prospects, that we tend to neglect or completely ignore our existing and past clients.

Remember, acquiring a new client is, in most cases, expensive (and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be trying to attract new clients…Heck, no!) What I am saying is that selling to existing clients over and over again costs practically nothing. Your past clients are also the easiest people to sell to.

With those truths in mind, let’s talk about how we can generate more business by selling more to our current clients. It’s easy because you don’t have to sell your client on the value of your security services. They’ve already seen you, like you, and trust you. All you need to do is present them with more product offerings.

Okay, let me give you three easy examples of how we can do this:

Client Newsletters – An excellent way to keep in touch with your client-folk, educate them on your services, and solicit referrals for new clients. Keep in mind that a client newsletter should never be all about you. It needs to include “news” and I don’t mean just security news. You need to Include articles that would interest a broad spectrum of peeps, similar to a Reader’s Digest. This piece should be printed on paper and mailed to your clients. Newsletters have a long shelf life so don’t be surprised when you see them lying around in the waiting areas of your client’s offices and being read by potential clients! They are, hands-down, the best client relationship building tool on the planet and will help build a virtual fence around your herd of clients! Take extra copies and leave stacks of them at Oil Changing Companies, Pizza Joints, Diners, Hair & Nail Salons – any place where people are waiting around for a while.

Holiday Postcards – A nice way to get your clients’ attention is to mail off-holiday postcards with a special offer. Everyone under the sun mails out at Christmastime so don’t bother. Instead, mail out a Turkey Day Card. That will get noticed. Other off-holidays include: Valentine’s Day, Ides of March, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, 4th of July, and Halloween. Just look at a calender, pick out some off-holidays and mail out postcards with special offers 4 – 6 times a year.

Client Appreciation Days – A great way to say “thank you “ to your clients is to throw a client ho-down! And no I don’t mean a ho-down where drunken hicks run around clapping, yelling, and sloshing down hard liquor. A professional client appreciation day can be easy and inexpensive to throw…Just have your vendors pick up the tab! They want to sell product and it benefits them to help make your clients happy! I had a client appreciation day where we had a huge cookout, with pony rides, bouncy houses and hot air balloon rides (I have a friend with a hot air balloon.) You could have a bowling party for a client appreciation day, a golf outing or a Halloween party – the options are endless. Just make sure you tell your clients to bring friends (a.k.a. potential new clients.)

Stripper Wells..
The term “Stripper” well is applied in the U.S. to marginal, under-performing oil wells whose production has fallen to alarmingly low levels – so much so that many of such wells have been forced to be shut down, at significant expense to their owners. Once closed, such wells may be economically unfeasible to be reopened.

The worst thing that can happen to your security business it to have it turn into a stripper well…Under-performing and low sales producing.

Now that you know at least three drilling strategies for working your market deeper and more profitably, you should develop a plan of action so you can consistently, with every single client, try and make more sales. Create a “system” so it happens automatically.

These security marketing drilling “angles” are easy to do and they’re easy not to do….You have FREE WILL so it’s up to YOU to do it!

Peace, out!


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