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Are Your Prices Higher Than They Were 2 Years Ago?

Last week, I was in The Big Apple for the ISC EAST Conference. I had a tremendous time at the event and was able to connect with my SMG members and meet some new SMG clients.

The last day I was there, before I headed back to Massachusetts, I ran out to grab a cup of Joe and a world-famous New York bagel, to knock off the last item on my NYC foodie bucket list.

I high-tailed it out of the hotel to Cafe Manhattan, which was right around the block. As I was walking, I stopped quickly to look at the lunch cart outside my hotel. I had no intentions of buying anything off the cart, just wanted to see what they were serving up.

Outside-Cafe---WebLunch Cart “Larry”

As I was walking away the owner of the lunch cart shouted at me two times:

“Why aren’t you buying from me, I’m the cheapest around”

“Why aren’t you buying from me, I’m the cheapest around”

I chuckled to myself thinking I don’t want the cheapest, I want the best value and poor old Lunch Cart Larry probably hasn’t raised his rates in several years… Yikes!

Cafe-Manhattan----webCafe Manhattan

The reason I was going to Cafe Manhattan was that it has a good cup of Joe, bagels, fruit cup, and its a nice place to sit down and read USA Today before the 3 hour ride home. Not the cheapest spot around, but the best VALUE for MY money.

Look at the two photos in this email… If you want to work out of a lunch cart (i.e. your van) the rest of your life and never raise your prices, then I probably can’t help you – and don’t even want to help you.

But if you aspire to move upward and onward, I can help YOU! If your security business is doing well and you’re the Cafe Manhattan of the security world, then I can help you.

The best place to start for a taste of security selling success is right here, right now.

Don’t be a Lunch Cart Larry,and chant “Why aren’t you buying from me, I’m the cheapest around.” You NEED to learn to sell smarter and better!

Bob-and-Elmos-bdIf You Want An E.S.P.™ Style Business,
One that is – Easy, Successful & Profitable and Fun,
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Peace, out.


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