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Ask Bob: How to Sell High-End Security Systems

Hi Bob,

We are trying to create a marketing letter geared to a very specific group.  They are higher end clients and we are trying to create a letter that has “shelf life” – meaning people will keep it or remember it.  We also want to show them the advantages of paying more for a quality system rather than a $0-$99 dollar system.  Please let me know if you have any ideas!

Michelle D.
Hometown of the Da Bears

Greetings Michelle,
Sounds like a gr8 idea – to me – to target the affluent marketplace.  I don’t know if you have signed up for my 5 Day e-class called, “10 Steps to Selling Higher Then Your Competition,” but it’s loaded with security marketing gems as to how to be perceived as a high-end security integration company…giving you mass appeal among clients (whether they’re wealthy or not).  If you haven’t signed up yet, then get it going on today!

Special Op’s
Michelle, the best way to infiltrate the high-end market (or any market) is by referrals – word of mouth.  People that are referred to you by a friend or family member are less likely to doubt your worth and are more receptive to what you have to offer.  The rich, believe it or not, do not want to part with their money or be overcharged for being in the “wealthy” category.  So they tend to be more scrupulous when hiring a contractor or installer than the average bear.  So when they are referred to you by someone they trust….you’re pretty much “In Like Flynn,” unless you do something on your end to mess it up (i.e. show up in torn jean and t-shirt with a dirty un-lettered van, talking like a dope.)

I’m sure you know the importance of how you are perceived with clients and prospects.  First image is everything!  If you pulled up to my estate, looking and sounding as I mentioned above, and then tried to sell me a panic room, interactive video monitoring for my grounds, a gate system, intercom system with cameras, perimeter monitoring…I’d dismiss you immediately.

Go back and reread the above paragraph, I listed five (5) different exotic security technologies that can be sold in high-end homes, but it requires a greater grasp of security knowledge and the ability to blend these multiple technologies into one synergistic “Iron-Cage Home Security Protection Package ™”, that will protect your client – come hell or high water.  You need to be able to eat, live and breathe these technologies…master them before you try to sell them.

The “free-bie” and $99 systems don’t require as much info to be put forth from the installer. The end-user isn’t expecting a high-level of anything with a $99 system – the price says it all!  But the wealthy individual, who has much more to protect than the person interested in a $99 system, will require knowledge, experience and expertise from the installer.  I don’t think you’ll have much problem showing the advantage of a more expensive system to someone who is looking to protect their million dollar + property and all of it’s expensive contents.  They know the $99 system ain’t gonna cut it.

Moving to Panama…
Michelle, rest assured, if you have the ambition to put something like this together for your company… the road will be paved with gold.  The key to success is to OWN and dominate a niche market.  “Wealthy People” are a niche market.  Seeing your market is Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, there should be no shortage of “well-heeled” folks around.  Unless you think all the rich folk have left town, taken their loot with them, and moved to Panama for a better standard of living…then you should have no problem in this market.

Marketing in a Perfect World
In a perfect world, we’d have plenty of referrals coming in to keep us livin’ high of the hog straight into our retirement years.  But, you’re entering a new market and referrals may be scarce.  So you’re going to have to start from scratch.

The best advice I could give you is to get a good list of wealthy clients in your area and develop a three- part direct marketing campaign.  That means that you mail out three different pieces, at different times, to this target market.

Also, make sure your marketing material includes a referral generating piece for after the sale.  Once you’ve done a phenomenal install and the client is immensely happy with the work your company has done, send out a thank you card and include a referral generating piece that the client can offer to friends or family members.

Before you get started, it would be a good idea to buy and read the same type of magazines the wealthy do (like the Robb Report.) That way, you’ll get a good idea as to how other marketers are advertising and writing to the wealthy by checking out the ads in the magazines.

Peace Out!

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