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Be prepared for the WORST (true story inside)

One of my long-time SMG Members reached out to me last week with one of the most heart wrenching emails I’ve ever read. While I was reading the email, I was literally brought to tears.

What you will read below is very real (and devastating) story that can happened to any one of us reading this.

Question for you – is your family and your business prepared for the worst?

Be prepared for the WORST (true story inside)

Hi Bob,

I have felt like I needed to write to you for a while and tell you “thank you” and give you an update on where we have come in the last 4 years. 4 Years ago I was running a 1 man show – earning a decent income, but feeling like I was stuck. That was in January 2012. I signed up with your Security Maverick coaching program and it gave me the motivation to start making some changes and grow the business.

I hired a technician that January and began to train him. We started taking on larger jobs. I started sending out monthly email newsletters and quarterly paper newsletters. We got a small office. I hired an office manager who could handle the customer service and billing. My wife Melanie was happy to not be taking customer calls from home and running to the garage so she would not be interrupted by our kids. We bought more vans and hired more technicians. We now have 5 full time technicians, 5 vans, and could use 1-2 more.

On January 17th 2015 I was up the Uinta Mountains riding my snowmobile with friends. About an hour into riding I crashed into a tree and when I regained consciousness I was laying face up with terrible upper back pain. I couldn’t move my legs. I began to feel around with my hands and realized I could not feel anything below my chest. My friends located me and they were able to ride to the top of the mountain and call 911. I was flown off the mountain in a medical helicopter to Salt Lake City. I had broken 3 vertebrae in the middle of my back and fractured my C7 vertebrae in my neck and well as 6 broken ribs. I sustained a lot of damage to my spinal cord in my back. I was in a 5 hour emergency surgery to repair and stabilize my spine with titanium rods. I spent weeks in the hospital and came home in wheelchair completely paralyzed from my chest down.

I wish I could give you a happy ending and tell you I am back to normal. It didn’t happen that way. I did physical therapy daily for almost a year with no change in my condition. With spinal cord injuries there is rarely any definitive prognosis. After 1-2 year they tell you there is little hope for additional functional improvement. This year has been the hardest in my life. There so many other secondary medical issues that are caused by spinal cord injuries and it really makes you realize how fragile life is.

Here is the good news. I have an amazing wife, family, and friends. Family and friends who are contractors helped us make changes to our house. I have an adapted vehicle that I can drive. I was back working and sending out bids within 48 hours of my accident. I started going out on sales calls the week after I got out of the hospital and in 2015 I sold 1.5 million dollars in revenue. My team of employees took on extra responsibility and in 2015 we did about 20% more business than the previous year and it was our best year to date. Had I not started to make changes back in 2012 I really don’t know where I would be right now, but it would not have been good. We likely would have lost our home and been financially devastated. I have always struggled to work on our business and I joked with my wife in the hospital that this might be great for our business because it would force me to concentrate on the big picture stuff. That is exactly what has happened

I just want to say thanks for the part you played in getting me headed in the right direction – it has literally saved my life.


Nick Munns
PROCOM Security
Lehi, Utah

The Big Lesson Here…
A few days after reading the above email, I called Nick to talk. We had a great conversation. I’m so glad that Nick was able to keep his business going, in the midst of such devastation, and along with his extraordinary team – that pulled together to take on extra responsibilities – were able to increase business by 20%! That’s an amazing feat!

The lesson you should learn from Nick Munns is to put down your tools, and start working on your business, and not in your business, Put as much of your security business on autopilot as possible, and have people and systems in place to keep it functioning, so the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down on you in the event of a tragedy.

One of the most inspiring things that Nick said to me on the phone was that he planned on doubling his business within the year from $1.5 million to $3 million dollars in revenue – and I bet he does!

If such a tragedy happened to you, how would you handle it? Would your business be able to survive and thrive (and take care of your family) under similar circumstances?

I hope you can answer, “Hell Yes!”

Have a great weekend and please keep Nick and his family in your thoughts and prayers. I have no doubt that he will keep on kickin’ ass and accomplishing his goals and dreams!


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