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The Best CCTV Biz Card Idea Ever

Couple of things here, real quick.

My two girls and I had a craving for some “Lobstah Rolls” so we took a nice Sunday road trip up to Markey’s Lobster Pool in Seabrook, NH.

This place is a “must eat” on your list of places you’d like to eat, if you’re a “foodie.” It’s wicked good!

Possibly The Best CCTV Biz Card Ever
On the security marketing side of the hacienda, if you ever get stumped on creating a clever business cards, I think I stumbled upon perhaps some of the most innovative business cards ever.

When looking for ideas to give your security business a competitive edge, you need to be looking outside the security industry.


I love the Business Card # 9. Event Photographer’s Viewfinder Business Card, this card is pretty friggin’ cool and could easily be reworked for a CCTV/Video Surveillance camera business card for retail theft or any type of CCTV/Video Surveillance camera niche market.


#10 the Dentist’s Cavity Business Card , although pretty cool, I think I’d create a “grill” with a yellow insert that when pulled out, exposed white teeth. Now that would be cool.

Please follow this link to view the rest of the business cards

Hope you enjoy the 30 different business cards, and hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing.

Leave a comment of my blog, and let me know what you think of # 9, or any of the business cards that might have caught your fancy.

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