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Bob Segar, Bar Brawls, Espionage, SchoolHouse Shootings

And Those Hollywood Nights…

A couple of nights ago I had the opportunity to see Bob Segar and The Silver Bullet Band at the DCU Center, in good ol’ Worcester, MA. It was a freakin’ amazing show.

Bob Segar is a classic roots rocker who has a raspy, shouty voice and who is best know for his songs about the “heartland” and “blue collar” anthems. He wrote such classic hits as “Hollywood Nights,” “We’ve Got To Night,” “Like A Rock,” “Old Time Rock and Roll” and “Roll Me Away.”

Bob Segar didn’t rely on just ONE song to fill up the DCU Center to its 14,800 person capacity on a cold and rainy Tuesday night in November. No siree! As any worthy musician worth his salt knows, you can’t rely on just one song to fill up a concert hall and make a fortune.

Good ol’ Bob has a whole catalog of EMOTIONAL DIRECT RESPONSE music to lure folks into his musical world, on a much deeper level, where you sense that Bob Segar is just whispering in your ear, and speaking to you on a deeper level.

Your security marketing message is your music!
Today, security dealers/integrators and consultants can’t rely on one vague soundtrack to be their company anthem, such as “We’re # 1” or “A name you can trust” or “Security is my Passion” to lure people into their businesses to drum up sales. These brand-canned slogans are not relative messages that match up with your marketplace. In other words, they’re not messages that resonate well with your prospects. They don’t benefit your prospects in any way, shape or form and I think you’d agree with me on this one…we all buy things for our own benefit or for our loved ones (especially security systems.)

The only way to penetrate a market is with a killer message that resonates well with your marketplace and compels prospects to call you and only you.

Bar Brawls, Espionage, SchoolHouse Shootings…
These different markets – Bar Rooms, Corporate Espionage, Schools – have different audiences that have different reasons for getting high-tech security systems installed. The each have different and unique motivators that start people on the path to having a security system installed in their environment.

Technology vs. Psychology
Technology will always be changing the way you deliver your message to the marketplace (e.g. direct mail, facebook, newsletters, twitter, web sites, SEO, pay per click) But what will not change is the psychology of the message…the emotional direct response copy.

Today’s criminals are very good and very creative at committing crimes, so why hasn’t your brand-canned slogan changed since 1979 to match the robberies, break-ins, thefts, and home invasions of the wealthy, bar brawls, schoolhouse shootings, industrial espionage, etc? You need a different emotionally compelling message, targeted to the right market, for each of these types of crimes.

Different Strokes For Different Folks
You should have an Emotional – Direct – Response message that attracts clients to you like moths to a flame. Think of how many different kinds of fish are swimming around in a pond or lake. A fisherman can’t catch all of them with one type of hook. He needs a tackle box with different types of lures and hooks to catch different kinds of fish. This is also true for your marketing message….you can’t catch every prospect in your pond/lake (area) with one, generic message because no single generic message will capture all the prospects in your market. This mindset is the premise of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter.

There’s a whole bunch of opportunity out there for security dealers/integrators and consultants. What you need is a tool that can take your business and sales to the next level…

That’s what my Smokin’ Security Newsletter is…a tool that will teach you how to attract and retain “A List” security clients. You’ll discover Robotic Security Selling Strategies that do all of the selling for you – even while you’re away. And with a free trial offer (you only have to pay $5.95 for shipping and handling) you can test drive it without obligation. Tick,t ock, tick tock…2012 is only 25 days away. Don’t you want to start the New Year with a real bang? You can read all the FREE security trade magazines that you like, but they aren’t going to give you real-world solutions for target marketing your security/low voltage business and creating a stampede of clients that PAY, STAY, and REFER! Get Your Free Trial Offer Today!

Now Let’s Go Smoke Your Competition!Bob Maunsell

Have a great day!


Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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