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Brain Overloaded and Robotic Selling

Here’s a very cool testimonial that I received New Years Eve.  Read the whole thing…there’s a lot of pearls in this security marketing blog post!

hey listen, my brain is overloaded now that I have received a shitload of your material. I am talking about the 2 back issues and December of your newsletter.

Also I just finished listening to the audio of Craig and he is absolutely right about people being “horny” for whatever topic they are into.

Mine currently is marketing this new company I opened, which is why I have to be careful not to purchase all the products you shamelessly pitch to me or I will be broke! Bravo Bob. Bravo.

The real reason for this message is to request some postcard mailing basics from you. I have never done any mail campaigns and I need to know the ropes fast.

January is coming and this is going to be the latest marketing avenue. any help is greatly appreciated.

Brian Downs
Giant PowerComm
Apple Valley, CA.

Here’s my response to Brian:
It’s The Best Time  Ever To  Start a Security Business…
Hi Brian,

Thanks for the kind words.  You’re in the right place for marketing – for discovering unique ways to market the heck out of your new security business.  Remember, it’s never a bad time to start a security or low voltage business unless your starting a half-ass business.  This economic downturn  represents a HUGE opportunity for anyone that wants to get out there and out hustle, out market and out negotiate the competition, and deliver incredible value to there client base.

The security dealer/integrator,low-voltage installer, locksmith, private guard service, who can kick butt during depression-like unemployment figures can kick butt anywhere, anytime, anyhow. You choose how you want to play the game OF life and business!

Brian, as a member of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter, here’s what I’ve grilled up for you on my George Forman grill for January…

Manual vs. Robotic Selling…
The January Smokin’ Security Newsletter is “jacked” with three (3) of my proprietary security marketing pieces that will get you rolling out of the gate fast.  I detest manual labor style selling to onesie and twosie at a time.  I prefer to use robotic selling strategies to leverage my time and money…why have just one person in your sales funnel when you can have 20?

Last time I checked, you didn’t get paid for working harder, but you do get paid, handsomely, for working smarter.

The first marketing piece, that’s included in the Smokin’ Security Newsletter, is my proprietary, quarterly, client-retention newsletter, called “Service That Soars(TM).”   You will receive four times throughout the year, as a Smokin’ Security Newsletter subscriber.

My client-retention newsletter is geared toward getting your clients to “Pay, Stay, and Refer!” It’s an incredible security marketing tool that does the heavy lifting for you when it comes to your internal and  external marketing strategies. Check out this video (“The old school way of dripping on top prospects”)This newsletter is the best marketing tool available to you, on the planet, for soft-selling and cross-selling your security services, and, if you wish, offering more electrical services.

In last months audio success CD my guest expert talked about making people “horny” to do business with you and being able to “scratch this itch.”  You can do exactly the same thing with this newsletter.  In your next round of bonuses, you’ll get the “Acres of Diamonds” CD on “How to turn your security business into a Jericho Diamond mine” and using a newsletter to market your services.

The second marketing piece is my proprietary Fast Response Fax Back form that you will insert inside of the client newsletter. It solicits a response from your reader and gives them the option to fax back the form to you requesting your services.

If I were you, I would include a short note inside the newsletter.  This would be a brain dead easy way of educating your existing clients about your new security business.

Walt Disney’s Motto…
Brian, the third piece you’ll get will be my proprietary Client Referral Generator Form that you can insert inside this months newsletter.  You can also insert this handy-dandy, money-maker inside all of your invoices.  You’ll be shocked to see how many clients fill it out and send you in referrals for security leads!

If your sending out perhaps 50-100 pieces of mail, per month, that’s 50-100 referral forms that are going out the door every month. If you do that over 12 months, that’s 600-1200 referral forms going out the door.  If you keep inserting that referral generator inside your invoices over a 5 year period, what’s that – 3,000 or 6,000 referral forms you’re sending out?  Don’t you think that will generate some referrals??

I think so…

What could this referral form be worth to you over a 5 year period, if you’re delivering a “WOW” experience to your clients, and you take Walt Disneys mantra to heart “Do What You Do So Well and Uniquely That People Can’t resist Telling Others about You.”

I would say that this referral generator is worth at least $300,000 to you… A damn good ROI for $97per month of my security marketing newsletter

You Think…?

Combat Rock…
So Big “B”, get your internal mailing list ready cuz coming up in the February, March, and April issues of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter I have a ton of treats for you…this goes for all of my members!  Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming out of Worcester, MA over the first quarter of 2010.  For starters, a birthday card promotion, a new client acquisition post card, and a testimonial sheet generator.

I have a ton of security marketing strategies for you to implement!

And, Brian, I will spell out, in detail, how to put the postcard into action – for all of you guys and gals.

Let’s get ready to rumble in 2010!!

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