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Brutally Competitive Markets: Returning Phone Calls In 5 Minutes Flat

Rick Miller, my “online & offline business strategist”, and I will walk you through a very POWERFUL video we shot in my backyard just before the long Labor Day weekend.

This video will show you why you NEED to be returning INBOUND PHONE CALLS (Leads) By Using The Fast & Furious 5 Minute Rule. And If You’re In a Brutally Competitive Market, This Could Be The Game Changer You’re Looking For!

Every minute you put off calling a prospect back, they’re getting ICE COLD…FROSTY… and if they don’t hear back from you lickety-split, they will call your competitors down the street.

The quicker you can get back to the prospect and provide valuable education-based security marketing information and prove your worth to the prospect that is searching out, your closing rates will go up, up, up!

If you call the prospect back within the first 5 minutes, the likelihood of closing that prospect goes up 2,200%!!! How can you afford not to?

If you want to make some real quick money this week, this won’t cost you a thin red dime to implement. It’s our end of the summer gift to you.

Stay Thirsty For Security Marketing & Business Building – Strategies, My Friend!

Stay Awesome!


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