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How To Build Trust To Create More Sales

I have never shared this concept with anyone before. The ‘Trust Tunnel’ is a secret communication protocol for  cementing trust, fostering long term relationships, and building a fan base that few can rival, and all the while magnetically attracting the cream of the crop clientele.

It takes a heck of a lot of proof and convincing, (besides, the convincing business really sucks!) to coax new prospects into opening their wallets, today, hence, the need for building a “Trust Tunnel.

National Security Agency
Here is a thumb-nail version of the Trust Tunnel. This communication protocol that I’ve created is so powerful that your competition will have better chances of hacking into NSA Headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland than “cracking the code” to your client retention & acquisition techniques and the high level of personal bonding you will have with your clients.

Traffic Flow Security
The Trust Tunnel is all done under the radar or clandestine, if you will. TV, Radio, and websites, Google Adwords are assets that are visible to the “naked eye (ears).” They can be easily monitored by an adversary and easily stolen or counterfeited because they’re such a visible target which makes it rather easy for counter-intelligence gathering about how and where you market to attract new prospects and acquire clients.

Cryptography is the practice and study of hiding information from rogue agents. The Trust Tunnel communications (client newsletter, weekly e-mail, personal follow up, referral system…are just a sampling of what’s in the Trust Tunnel, but I think you get the idea) are done through a process that can’t be cloaked by a rogue agent trying to gather counter-intelligence about your mission.  The “Trust Tunnel” allows you to make money in the dark, and your competitors can’t get a “eyes on the ground” to thwart your grand scheme.

Making Money In The Dark
You are, after all, in the SECURITY business so you better be protecting your hard assets which are your client list and your secrets for attracting the best people in your target markets. The thing I most want to hammer into your skull is that THIS is the time to invest in anything and everything that builds trust with your new prospects and existing clients.

This means:
Start building the TRUST TUNNEL immediately following the first phone call or initial site visit.  I consider this THE most important phase in marketing your security business. It’s why I started Security Marketing Guru and it’s why you’re reading this email right now instead of an email from Bass Fishing Magazines. It’s the #1 reason you know who I am.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say Bob “I’ve been on your list for a couple of years now and your security marketing content is just KILLER and I finally had to buy something from you…”

If you play the security marketing game, as I teach it, you will become the top #1 security company in the market. Listen, even if someone who came into your “TRUST TUNNEL” did not immediately buy a security system from you THEY STILL MIGHT!! Keep sending them follow up information (i.e. newsletters, e-mails [automated] weekly security tips, holiday cards…and so on)

Take your prospects on a 1, 2, even 3 year journey.  This will cement trust and build a fan-base out of your prospects that few can equal.

Even if they still haven’t made a purchase with you, you are destined to be their company of choice when they are ready to buy. A sales rep can’t come close to having this type of relationship with your client base, and just think if he walked out the door today you wouldn’t be that co-dependent on him anyway, cuz you own the “Trust Tunnel.” The Trust Tunnel works 24/7/365 bringing in new prospects that Pay, Stay, and Refer…does your rep?

-TRUST TUNNEL – building means: Getting the 2nd and 3rd sale after the 1st sale and not being dependent upon new customer acquisition to make your numbers every month.

Most guys are strip-mining there towns for anyone with a pulse and a low credit score, these are the guys that say Bob I need LEADS, LEADS, LEADS, while the dealer who invested in a “TRUST TUNNEL” has DEALS, DEALS, DEALS, and MO’ DEALS in the pipeline than he knows what to do with and is not worried about any dip in the economy.

I’m amping up the level of my security marketing content. (You may have noticed.) And I’m building the “TRUST TUNNEL” credibility deeper and deeper, allowing my clients to act out of confidence and security rather than fear and paranoia.

Those who follow my marketing advice will make breakthroughs never thought possible. Week after week I’m laying out formulas for rhythmically, persuasively implanting your marketing message into the client’s mind and acquiring a cult-like following that’s impervious to economic shifts.

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