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Check Out This Thermal Image (Photo Inside)

Check out this really cool picture that I found in Science Illustrated. The picture was taken with a thermal imaging camera of a group of lions that attacked a zebra on the African savanna. If you look closely at the red circle in the picture, you’ll see the thermal imaging camera reveals that the zebras right foreleg is inflamed and swollen. The lions were able to single out this wounded zebra by listening for its uneven hoofbeats. Like the saying goes, “lions are the last to starve, cuz they’re always hunting”, and the best hunters are the best listeners.

Always Be Hunting
Take full advantage of your competitors’ fears and timidness, and ratchet up your marketing efforts. During a slow economy, lions will always be eating and eating high off the hog, while the meek and timid will be walking around on their hind legs looking for table scraps.

In This Months Smokin’ Security Newsletter we are going to turn you into a marketing lions, once and for all.

Security Marketing Handout # 1- Pop Art Testimonials
Pop Art is an art movement that emerged in the mid 1950s in Britain and the late 1950s in the United States. Pop art presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular culture, such as, advertising, news, etc. Pop art employs aspects of mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects. Think Andy Warhol, Brillo. Inserted in this newsletter is one of the first Pop Art testimonials that I created well over 5 years ago. My client, Eric, loved this testimonial. This piece was and still is a great “shock & awe” testimonial piece to present to new prospects. It’s also a template that you can use to turn your best clients into celebrity spokespeople for your security business. I have a stable of these ads that I have created with some of my best clients.

This handout alone will pay for you membership for years to come.

Quite honestly, I could let myself off the hook by just handing you this Pop Art Testimonial and not give you another slab of business building information. But I always over deliver and give 100 X more value then I get paid for. So I’m going to keep ladling it on.

Special Security Internet Report # 1 – Putting Your Internet Presence On Steroids
– Don’t Worry About Mad Cow… Worry About The Correct Way To Get Domain Names.

– How To Create The Robotic Security Website that sells 24/7/365… Manual Selling Sucks

– How To Take Names & E-mails and Start Kicking A$$

– The Nickel Pincher: How To Engage In Social Media The RIght Way.

– The 10 Sure-Fire Ways To Smoke Your Competition Online.

Special Security Report # 2
– How To Create Mental Triggers That SkyRocket Your Productivity.

– How To Give Yourself 110 Day Offs During The Year. I’m Not Kidding You.

– The Secret To Creating Unbelievable Value To Your Clients & Prospects.

– Creating Quirky & Goofy e-Mails That Your Clients Will Love.

– A Simple Email To Send As A Service Contract Reminder (Simple Yet Effective.)

Special Audio Success CD – One Of The True Great Classics That Will Inspire Your Whole Sales Team.

Come In and Get it Now!

Now Lets Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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