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Cloak & Dagger Security Marketing In 2015

Traditional marketing approaches, especially hard sell, don’t work well on the Internet or with consumers in the information/Internet age. To get readership and response, security entrepreneurs have to create marketing messages that look, feel, and sound like objective, unbiased, useful information.

So, why does education-based marketing work radically better than traditional marketing?

Because traditional security marketing is all about the security equipment, and security company – the stuff no one really gives a rat’s a tooey about anyway.

Education-based marketing is about solutions. Solutions to problems your prospects and clients face right now that they want to alleviate. A well planned and executed education-based marketing strategy delivers a much needed cure to the pain your prospect is suffering.

If you can give your prospects the information they need to eliminate their problem and ultimately provide them with a clearly defined set of steps to take, then you will win their security business. You will become the “Security Expert” in their eyes and folks will flock to you and price concerns will be secondary to the solutions they seek, making your profits soar to new heights.

But there is one caveat…

You must give your prospects a way to get this information easily and without obligation. You must believe in the concept I call giving value first. We’ve all heard the same lame-O line of added value or value after the sale. But that’s easy. That’s for pansies! In today’s brutally competitive marketplace, you MUST deliver value upfront and your marketing (if done properly) should be your first touch-point and should start the cycle.The value first concept is nothing new. It’s age old and timeless. It’s based in the law of reciprocity that states that others will reciprocate in-kind based upon the way you treat them.

The world gives you what you give the world. Ultimately you are rewarded for the value which you bring to the marketplace.

Robert B. Cialdini, author of The Psychology of Persuasion explains, “One of the most potent weapons of influence around us is the rule for reciprocation. The rule says that we should try to repay, in-kind, what another person has provided us.”

Many of our hard-sell kitchen table closers are probably asking, “Where’s the hard-sell in all this?”

Ahhh…that is a good question. You see it’s really a beautiful thing. The hard-sell sneaks in through the back door…unnoticed when your prospect’s guard is down.

What could be better than that? When has hard sell ever flown in “under the radar?” Maybe in the 80s, but that was a looong time ago.

Imagine a bobcat sneaking into your tent unbeknownst to you, and you only realize it’s sitting there licking its chops and sharpening its claws once you’ve closed up the tent and zipped yourself up in your sleeping bag.

It’s a little too late – you’re getting an ass-whoopin’ no matter what you do. That’s that same way education-based marketing works, except your prospects ask that bobcat to come inside the tent thinking it’s a harmless little kitty cat.

This is cloak and dagger marketing…the kind of stuff that affects people emotionally but sneaks up on them logically. We know that all buying decisions are based on emotion and backed up with logic. But the Internet has screwed up people’s brains, especially when it comes to security systems and services. They are seeking the logic first.

So through education-based marketing we give them the logic and then invite in the emotional pitch and close. It’s really a perfect marriage and a sound system when you think about it.

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