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Creating A “Symbiotic Relationship” With Your Clients

Robert Todd Lincoln's granddaughter's keypad to arm door and window contacts - circa 1960

Robert Todd Lincoln's granddaughter's keypad to arm door and window contacts - circa 1960

This past weekend my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary (WOO-HOO) with our two girls at the The Equinox Resort in Manchester, Vermont.

If you’re ever up this way you gotta check this high-end joint out. The Equinox was built in 1769 in a beautiful valley with Mt. Equinox in the background.  It has attracted a ton of celebrities and politicians since then.

In 1863 and 1864, Mary Todd Lincoln and her children were sent up there to stay and hide out, from the Confederates, during the civil war.  Her son, Robert Todd Lincoln, built a kick-ass summer manse, called Hildene, right down the street.

Check out the first-generation keypad that his granddaughter had installed by her bedside at Hildene.

One of Lincoln's stove top hats

One of Lincoln's stove top hats

We truly had a fabulous 3-day anniversary weekend in Vermont just chilling out, shopping, swimming, hiking, eating and relaxing together with the wife and kids.

One day after hiking through the trails of Mt Equinox, we went back to our hotel room and watched TV.  We caught the tale end of an Animal Kingdom show which was airing on the Discovery HD channel.


Me and the girls - Mt. Equinox in the backdrop.

Me and the girls - Mt. Equinox in the backdrop.

Some animals form a close partnership with other kinds of animals. These pairings are called symbiotic relationships. In a symbiotic relationship, the animals depend on each other to survive. One animal helps the other meets it needs.

For example, small animals called cleaner shrimp have found a way of forming relationships with fish around corral reefs. As the name suggests, the shrimp clean the fish. Here’s how it works.

The cleaner shrimp hang out at what scientist refer to as a cleaning station. A fish stops by, then the shrimps hops right inside the fish’s mouth.

The shrimp uses its tiny claws to pick stuff off the fish’s mouth and body, which includes some tasty dead skin, tiny pieces of food, and teenie-weenie creatures that can hurt the fish.

Bob + Tash at Hildene

Natasha and I at the Hildene Estate

It works both ways the fish gets a nice needed cleaning, and the little shrimp enjoys a hearty meal of fish trash.

Another example…small birds, called Plovers, are also in the cleaning business. They have a big gigantic customer, called the crocodile. The crocs have a long snout and big sharp teeth and little stubby paws that make it impossible for the crocs to clean there own teeth.

This is where the Plover comes in. When the croc opens it’s mouth , the plover hops in right. The croc does not snap its snout shut. Instead, it lets the Plover eat small, harmful animals that have attached themselves to the crocodiles’ teeth.

Ah, ha, ha, ha, Staying Alive, Staying Alive…

All animals want to do one thing – survive and thrive in the wild. Some do that by living alone. Others live in flocks ,herds, hives, packs or schools. Some animals both large and small, know that the best to staying alive is to live with or near other kinds of animals.

At first glance, these teammates don’t seem to make sense. But if you look more closely you’ll soon see that these animals help one another find food, shelter, and safety. They make the most out of various differences. These unlikely partners get the most out of life.

Hildene Estate

Robert Todd Lincoln's Hildene Estate - Can you believe that old key switch was protecting this mansion! My how times have changed. They now have a full blown intrusion system.


In the November issue of the (Smokin Security Newsletter), I hand you the most effective symbiotic security marketing, relationship-building strategy know to man. I cover the “HOW-TO” of putting this strategy together and making it work for your security or low-voltage business.

In a nutshell, this strategy shows you how to effectively create symbiotic relationships with other businesses so you can utilize their resources, money and customers for your own gain.

It will teach you how to create the best possible relationship with everyone in your sphere.

You need to start thinking very, very differently to get and stay wealthy in today’s economy, which ain’t nothing like your parents economy of the 60’s, 70’s!

Acres of Diamonds…

In this month’s issue of the Smokin Security Newsletter, it’s going to arrive fatter than a Thanksgiving turkey!

Here’s just some of the security marketing nuggets that you’ll enjoy in this video:

•    You’ll get the “Acres of Diamonds” CD recording on how to use a newsletter to create symbiotic relationships.

•    I’ll also throw in the 17-page PDF handout of the “Acres of Diamonds”

•    How to identify “Toll Booths” (i.e. people who have access to a lot of security installs.)

•    The proper sequence for a security marketing “dripping” campaign.

•    How to break through the clutter and get noticed quick.

•    How to Mail Up to 50,000 Letters Per Week at No Cost Whatsover (Not Even Postage!)

•    Three (3) Live Security Marketing Exhibits on What to Mail in Your 50,000 Letters

•    A Shocking and Unique Way on How to Get Your Newsletter Printed, Folded, Stamped and Mailed – for FREE!

•    An Outside-the-Box Model for Turning Your Newsletter Into A Huge Profit Center for Your Business.

•    A Three Step Guide to Snubbing Your Nose at the Recession.

•    The Security Sales Funnel Mind-Map on How to Sell Higher Priced Security Systems.

•    How To Leverage Your Testimonials to Bond with New Prospects.

•    Four (4) Live Examples of Smokin’ Testimonials.

•    The Magic Number That You Must Use on Your Quotes to Sell More Security Systems.

•    Remote Control and How to Enjoy Another $15 – $40 Per Month of RMR for Each Monitored Client.

•    What You Need to Know to Get to a $1,000,000.00 Security Business and Beyond.

•    Six Step Strategy to Eradicate Unethical Door Knockers in Your Area.

•    A Plan “C” Backup Plan for Your Business and Life.

P.S.  Check out the funny pic of me wearing Abe Lincoln’s stove pipe hat.  There are only three hats remaining and only one that is still black.  Here it is…

If you think my weekly emails are full of hard-hitting security marketing content, then you owe it to yourself to take a free test drive of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter.

Happy Thanksgiving To You And Your Family!

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