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Crook Tip: 101

Here is Crook Tip 101: Recommend Your Profit Draining, Time Sucking, Belly-Aching Customers To Your Competition! Pretty radical thinking don’t you think? That is, getting rid of your pest and problem customers, that are ripping you off, and giving you a serious case of heartburn and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and offloading these vultures to your competitors.

The vast majority of security dealers fail to grow their security businesses because they reckon they’ve got to coddle these problematic deadbeats, for the rest of their natural lives, and are even scared stiff to raise rates to make ‘em go away!

Burning Bridges & Firing The Bottom Performers
If you want to cross the bridge to higher margins and business growth, you need to lop off unproductive and time-consuming customers in the pursuit and acquisition of more profitable and lucrative clientele. In my opinion, you have to possess the ***Brass Cojones*** to turn down business because ALL business isn’t good business. If you desire to reach the upper reaches of your market, you have to FIRE the problem children that are sucking away all of your time and energy in the pursuit of higher profits.

Stay Frosty My Friend!



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