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Cultivate Learned Optimism- A Sure Fire Way to Increase Sales

Every top security dealer/security sales rep knows it takes a certain number of security site surveys and written estimates before they get a signed proposal from a prospect with his “John Hancock” on the dotted line.

Only those security dealers/security sales reps who constantly tell themselves that the next  estimate that they propose will be the one that gets signed, or the next IP surveillance video demo that they quote will close the deal, can overcome the discouragement of rejection time and time again.
It’s the players that can overcome rejection and defeat who are the ones that are at the top of their game and are so successful.  Therefore, you must develop the skill of thinking optimistically…it’s imperative to the success of your security business!

In Gone With The Wind, Scarlett O”Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day.” For you, another day is another opportunity for growth, change, and taking your security business to the next level.

Senator Robert Kennedy spoke with vision and optimism when he said, “Some people see things as they are, and ask, ‘Why?’ I see things as they could be and ask, ‘Why not?'” You, too, can envision things as they could be and ask yourself, “Why not?”

Ask yourself:

  • Why not create the security business and lifestyle you were meant to have?
  • Why not increase my RMR ten-fold this month by sending out a quarterly client newsletter, or by having a customer appreciation day or a monthly client gift card drawing?
  • Why not offer a premium managed service care program for my top clients?
  • Why not create a killer client referral system?
  • Why not include a faxback/email back “Fast Cash Referral System” form in every invoice that goes out your door?
  • If you’re a commercial security dealer…why not send a summer client newsletter or postcard touting the stark difference between analog vs. IP cameras?
  • If you’re a residential security dealer…why not send out a summer residential client newsletter or postcard telling your clients about the advantages of upgrading their CO2 detectors?

Let’s go even deeper because the more you communicate with your client base and prospect the more you SELL!

  • Why not discover the top seven (7) reasons for sending out a Thank You card.
  • Why not create a Cinco De Mayo celebration day for your client base.
  • Why not learn the three (3) key ingredients you MUST have for creating a Smokin’ video testimonial page for your website.
  • Why not create a “Guilt-Free Client Appreciation Dinner” for your client base.
  • Why not create a killer “Thank You Card” program, to send out to your clients after the security install.
  • Why not learn about the greatest mobile advertising for cell phones on the planet?

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