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Danger Ahead: For Security Dealers & Integrators

DANGER AHEAD: For Security Dealers & Integrators That Are Relying On Google PPC’s For New Alarm Systems, Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems, Home Theater, & Video Surveillance Installs!

If you’ve been doing PPC (Pay Per Click) ads for your security business on Google, you’ll have noticed that Google just chainsawed off the right hand side of its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and chucked these ads in the rubbish.

This is the equivalent of your wife ditching you for a younger, better-looking & fitter version of yourself.

But, Seriously…

Do You Remember: In the beginning there were ZERO ads at the top of Google SERPs. Now there are just 4!

Google "Home Security Systems Chicago"

Google “Home Security Systems Chicago”

Google "Home Security Systems Chicago"

Google “Commercial Security Systems Miami”

Right side is gonzo… See you later alligator.

Totally changes the game for YOU.

Lots of security dealers and integrators now are using PPC ads, instead of yellow page ads in phone books. With only 4 top of the page SERP ads, it’s much harder to wedge your way IN. These coveted ads will be vied for!

Don’t get me wrong, we all NEED Google. Ya’ll should have a Google My Business account with Google + reviews. THAT is what is featured on the right side of a SERP page when someone specifically searches for your business.

I know it’s getting harder, and harder for the average Joe security business owner to understand SEO & PPC, to get new clients online, and stay relevant and hold the coveted spots.

The brain-dead easiest way for any security business owner to acquire new prospects and retain clients are with the following internal and external client retention and attraction programs:

Four ESP (Easy, Successful, and Profitable) Ways To Stay
In Touch With Your Clients & Prospects That Will Double Your Referrals & Retention and Triple Your Net Profit

• Quarterly Client Newsletter
• Monthly E-Newsletter
• Client Referral System
• Targeted Direct Marketing Campaigns

The average Joe security business owner can master these security marketing channels lickety-split. They haven’t changed at all. While Google is always causing you sleepless nights with crazy algorithms and changes that even a rocket scientist can’t figure out.

Please Don’t This Advice For Granted!

As always – watching your 6!



  1. Serge says

    yes, you’re right Bob. It’s getting harder and harder and more expencive to get on top of Google either for paid or organic searches. And to build and keep the great reputation and refferals with your customers is much easier and more effective. For the established businesses. But what would you do if you a new business and don’t have customers yet? How would you get the new leads? The PPC is what everyone else doing and it seems logical and can generate the leads fast but as you said become more and more expencive.

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