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Discover How Always Alert Security Got 22 Pre-Sold Security System Sales

Last month, during my open call in day for subscribers to my Smokin’ Security Newsletter(TM), one caller, Always Alert Security in Oklahoma, told me he couldn’t believe the impact and responses he got from the bonus quarterly client newsletter that the Smokin’ subscribers get. He mailed out the client newsletter to his herd of customers and prospects and told me that one of the “emotional direct reponse” triggers that I embedded in the client newsletter generated 30 responses from his mailing! He now has 30 people to follow up with…way to go man!

But that’s not all…it get’s even better – much, much better!
Just the other day, while I was interviewing him for this month’s audio success cd (another incredible bonus that’s included in every issue of the Smokin’), he told me he also got 22 referrals from the client newsletter mailing! The client newsletter includes a kick-ass referral generating system, that I’ve developed, that is one of the best tactics you could ever deploy to flood your business with pre-qualified, pre-sold referrals. He now has 22 sales, on the books, that were already pre-sold on his security services….all the pre-selling grunt work was already done for him! Listen to what he has to say, in his own words, about using the bonus client newsletter that is included, four times per year, in my Smokin’ Security Newsletter(TM):

He also said having a client newsletter is the best tool, in his tool belt, for generating business and referrals. He cannot believe the difference that a customer newsletter has made for his business. He echoed back to me what I’ve been telling you all along…a properly written and executed customer newsletter trains your clients to Pay, Stay and Refer!

If you’d like to start sending out a client newsletter and start reaping some of the results that he achieved…then click on the link to my Smokin’ Security Newsletter….my monthly marketing and business building newsletter written specifically for you folks – security dealers and low-voltage installers. The Smokin’ comes with a quarterly client newsletter [called Service That Soars (TM)] that you can print and send to your herd of clients. Sit back and watch the responses come in! For all new Smokin Security Newsletter(TM) subscribers, you’ll get a special introductory offer: a current issue, plus two (2) back issues and my four (4) of my favorite audio success CD’s for the low, low price of just shipping & handling $5.95.

For Those of You Still Sitting on The Corral Fence…
I’ll send you out a FREE copy of my client newsletter – Service That Soars(TM). That way, you can see, for yourself, how this quarterly client newsletter is the best business-building, relationship-building, referral generating, pre-selling tool used on the planet!

Just send an email to and put “Free Quarterly Client Newsletter Offer” in the subject line. Be sure to include all your contact info: Company Name, Contact Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone (so I can mail it to you.)


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