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Discover Muhammad Ali’s Secret That Will Help Knock Out Your Competition

Muhammad Ali was my Dad’s all-time favorite boxer, and he was mine, too. Back in 1964, Sonny Liston was considered invincible and “the baddest man on the planet.” That is until a super fast-talking, super fast-moving kid, named Cassius Clay, came along and cleaned his clock and then took Sonny’s title away.

By the time the rematch was made, Cassius Clay had become Muhammad Ali. Ali’s trainer, Angelo Dundee, gave him rock-solid advice. He told Ali to jump on Sonny Liston and remind him of the first licking he got. Muhammad Ali did just that, scoring one of the most epic KO’s of all time. “It was a perfect punch, because Sonny Liston didn’t see it,” Angelo Dundee said. Midway through the first round, Ali landed the famed “Phantom Punch,” knocking Liston out cold.

Angelo Dundee said Ali’s secret was that he was so confident of everything. The lesson for you? Be bold and daring, and take the fight to anything or anyone in your way – and, if they see you coming, make sure they see you passing them by.

In this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter we have a huge knockout punch ready for you.

Knockout Punch # 1 – Your Springtime Quarterly Client Newsletter Is Ready To Go!
Just pop your company logo and contact information into our done-for-you client newsletter, and you’re ready to go! A properly designed newsletter IS the most powerful, stay-in-contact tool on the planet that will help BRING you new customers, referrals and repeat business. It will also reinforce your image as “the security expert” in your marketplace. It’s truly a fierce marketing weapon that WILL crush your competition! You better be sending one out to all your clients and prospects quarterly.

Knockout Punch # 2 – Confidential Report: Are You Just Another Security Sales Rep?
Inside this report, you’ll find ways to stop doing the same old fashioned, hard-as-hell, belly-button-to-belly-button, grunt work known as traditional security selling, and discover how to create a 24/7/365 Robotic Security Selling System.
– How to use pain and fear as a motivator.
– How to target a geographic area.
– How to create a “Shock & Awe” package that slays the competitions.
– The awesome leverage of writing your own weekly “Crimestopper Tips” for a newspaper.
– The power of creating your own radio show.

Knockout Punch # 3 – How To Create The “Wicked Killer” Client Referral System
– A step-by-step guide to making sure your clients can bring customers to your front door.
– How To create the referral process.
– Creating the wicked happy client experience.

But Wait, There’s Still More Included In This Month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter….
– How to Become an Attention-Seeking Hound With Your Face.
– Have you developed the “Toll Booth” position in your business? (Secret of the rich)
– How to nuclear bomb-proof your business.
– Are you using QR codes on your business cards? If not, you should be.
– How to create a simple, and effective Robotic Security Selling System™
– Discover the wicked Awesome power of voice broadcasting.
– How to use voice broadcast as a service contracts reminder.
– How to get a ton of FREE publicity by using the newspaper. (live example inside)
– Free publicity is a guaranteed short local security expert overnight.
– What Mick Jagger can tell you about Constant And Never Ending Improvement.
– Why everyone should be in the consumer awareness lead generation business.
– Is It happy or unhappy clients you want? How to create a wall of happy clients.

So, who do you wanna be Muhammad Ali or Sonny Liston?

Get your free issue of this month’s Smokin’ Security Newsletter NOW!


  1. AO says

    This is a great quality winning metaphor.

  2. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Aris,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post!!


  3. Tina D says

    Bob: I can’t tell from your article above, so please clarify for me. In paragraph 3, who actually said, “Be bold and daring, and take the fight to anything or anyone in your way – and, if they see you coming, make sure they see you passing them by.


  4. Bob Maunsell says

    Hey Tina D,

    Those are my words of wisdom.


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