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Yes or No, Yellow Page Advertising for a Security Business?

Hi Bob,

“Is it worth while to have a yellow page ad? I’ve tried various size ads but haven’t had much success. I have a good site that pulls in some good leads. What do you recommend?” Thanks Ross

Howdy Ross,

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people that are using the yellow pages to meet their needs.  Not everybody is on the internet today searching Google and Yahoo.  Nor are all your prospects reading your Facebook post right when they’re ready to install a biometric security system or a high-end residential security system. It certainly would be a glorious world if we could get all our prospects and customers to follow all our tweets and facebook updates…wouldn’t it?

Al Gore…
Where did security dealers advertise they’re security services before Al Gore invented the internet? Why the good old fashioned yellow pages, of course. There’s still a need for a Y.P. ad today cuz not all your prospects are going online to search you out. Besides, you shouldn’t rely on only one method to drive traffic to your security business.

Ross, I’m not sure you what your Y.P. ad generates for you in a year, but….

If your spending anywhere between $30-$3000 per month on Y.P. advertising and it’s bringing home the bacon – at least enough to justify it (at a 2:1 ROI or better?) why would you fire this sales rep (your Y.P. Ad) that’s bring you in new security installations?  Make sure you do the math, first and foremost before you react.

Also, you need to check out your Y.P. ad? Is it compelling enough to make someone pick up the phone and call you?  Do you do differentiate yourself from the other installers that are advertising next to you?

Here’s a simple exercise:  Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and ask yourself, why would I choose Ross’s security company over all the others to call?  The answer must be your USP (unique selling proposition) which is your all powerful tool for driving sales into your shop instead of your competitions! Does your Y.P ad reflect your USP? Do you have a USP? Very Important!

While I looove the internet, I wouldn’t rely just on one online method, like Facebook, to market my security services…even though it’s free.  And I certainly wouldn’t conduct all my marketing efforts online, either.  I do a combo of online and offline (website, pay per clicks, SEOs, Facebook, Twitter, banner ads, back links, direct mailings, Y.P. ads, clients newsletters, trade shows, etc, etc, etc…)  Is your demographic actually looking for security systems on Facebook?

Now Go Smoke Your Competition! –  Bob Maunsell
Former Sgt U.S. Air Force
Have an E.S.P style day, Easy, Successful, Profitable.

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