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Do You Have A Marketing Sales Preventing Department?

Here are just a few quick points to ponder, about what could be keeping you from making more security sales. Just read along and see if there’s a security marketing sales prevention dept stationed within your business. So here you go, these are my key points that prevent many Security and Low-Voltage Dealers from having an “ESP” Easy, Successful and Profitable, businesses.

1) When was the last time a sales person that worked with you to make a purchase, lets say the last personal car or fleet vehicle you bought. Did the guy or gal take the time to follow up after the fact to see if you were satisfied with the purchase and whether you might be needing another vehicle in the near future…?  Did the sales rep even bother to send you a note to see if everything was okay, god forbid something should be wrong with your brand spankin new work truck or van…?

2) Bigger than the problem of banks not extending credit to small business owners is the problem of small business owners (security dealers/low voltage installers included) not being able to effectively market themselves and sell their company to the limited number of people who are still actively on the market for their services. If you can’t sell, than regardless if the banks give you 1k today, 2k next week to cover some expenses, your going to have a long hard road ahead of you. If you can learn how to sell now, when I’ll admit it, selling is downright hard, you will be absolutely killing when the economy picks back up.

3) One thing you have to hammer into head is that folks are still buying, no matter what the news media might be blubbering on about. Sure it’s true that folks are spending less, or more selectively if you will, or buying a product with less bells and whistles. But they are still buying!!! So you should be selling!!!

4) To capture the folks who are still buying you need to have a better mouse trap. Other wise know as a proprietary security marketing system EBSM “Education Based Security Marketing” ™ or SBSM “Smart Bomb Security Marketing” ™ better marketing is mandatory! The same techniques and sales copy that worked 3 years ago when the housing market was going gangbusters may not necessarily work today without some alterations. Keep that in mind before you just toss something in the mail for the heck of it!!

5) Security Sales Rep’s who can actually sell, what do ya think it’s 2006 and you can get by on your looks…I tell my coaching members that use sales reps this all the time. Play secret shopper, have you friends, family, relatives put your sales rep to the test. See how well he is treating your potential clients and whether or not they think he is effective at closing the deal. I don’t care how much you like him, if he’s not closing sales and brining $’s into your Security Biz then he needs to go!

6) Make no mistake about this buying and selling are occurring at this moment, yes right now, while I’m typing this security marketing blog post!

7) Make sure you watch the video, I reveal the secret that separates the men from the little boys, (sorry ladies I almost forgot) and for my female subscribers, what separates the women from the little girls. what is required in climbing to the top rung of the security sales ladder!

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon… Now go smoke your competition…

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