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Do You Have “Stealth-Mode” For Your Business?

I told you last week I was taking my daughters and their cousins, down to the Submarine Museum in Groton, CT for a discovery day of learning about submarines. I gotta tell ya, I learned a ton about how subs communicate.

Communications are The Voice of The Submarine Force
Submarines are capable of communicating in over 30 different ways with the outside world. Here’s how they communicate above and below the ocean:


Communicate with a Submarine at Periscope Depth
Submarines are in need of sending increasing amounts of information to the outside world. In order to do this the submarine uses antennas mounted on the mast that extend out the sail of the submarine. Some of the masts are designed specifically for communications. On modern periscopes, the communication protocols are built right into the periscope such as (GPS & Identify Friend or Foe, Teletype, Marine Brand, Satellite, UHF High, UHF Low.)


Communicate with a Submarine Below Periscope Depth
The need for the submarines to communicate with the outside world is increasing even when the sub is deep below water. Two of the communication methods I found that were simply enthralling is when the sub is deep below periscope depth, it can release a towed buoy antenna and a floating cable that will float to the top of the ocean and omit an ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) burst of communication to the Naval Fleet in the area or to a satellite in outer space.

With technology like this it allows the submarine to stay in deep water, and move stealthy across the ocean.

Do You Have Stealth Communication Mode For Your Business?
When you’re communicating with your clients and prospects one-on-one, you want to communicate on an “ELF” (Extremely Low Frequency) channel, so that your encrypted personal communications, can’t be shoplifted from your competitors. When your conversation is more subtle and more personal, it’s effortless to bond with your clients and prospects to your philosophy and methodology for securing homes and businesses.

“Periscope Up” Marketing Strategies
These are marketing strategies that your competitors can visibly see to the naked eye. They can also torpedo your dreams by mimicking and copying your ideas. Here they are: Websites, Vans Lettering, Radio & TV Ads, PPC, SEO, Tradeshows, Billboards, Yellow Page Ads. These are all marketing strategies that others can gather information from.

“Periscope Down” Marketing Strategies
These are marketing strategies that your competitors can’t visibly see to the naked eye. This will make it 100 X more TAXING for your competitors to torpedo your dreams by mimicking and copying your ideas. Here they are: email marketing, in-person handouts, cash-surge generating emails to prospects, and clients, referral systems, client appreciation days, direct mail, client newsletter, how your techs interact with your clients.

I always want to make it flinty for competitors to knock you off your throne.

Dive, Dive….
Make preparation for diving, prepare the bridge for diving… Dive, Dive, if you would like to take a dive in my Smokin’ Security Newsletter coaching program, I have five (5) money-making gems, I’ll give you right off the bat.

Bonus # 1 – Ethical Security Dealer Pledge – Do you have a team pledge sheet that you can hand out to inform your prospects that you’re an A -1 security company and that every employee is on-board to deliver a “world-class” experience for your clients?

Bonus # 2 – You vs. The Other Guys
This is a great service matrix sheet handout to use because you don’t have to go bad-mouthing your competition. Instead, let the matrix sheet be your own little Johnny Cochran and defend you against your competitors. If you have a team of sales reps, you gotta make sure you give this matrix to each and every sales rep you got! This security marketing piece will be priceless to your security firm. It’s an absolute friggin’ brilliant security marketing piece, if I don’t say so myself.

Bonus # 3 – My Secret 11 Word Email Cash-Surge Email
This secret little email has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for my members. Its raked in millions dollars collectively as a group. Would you like to have something like this in your toolkit so you can follow up with folks on dead quotes to reactivate them?

Bonus # 4 – My Secret 30 Word Email That Reeled In $70K In One Day.
This 30 word email has reeled in $70,000.00 in a single day, how would you like to have this in your arsenal?

Bonus # 5- 60 Minute Smokin Security Newsletter Group Webinar.
Get in on the group call tomorrow night and discover how to implement these strategies to an unfair advantage.

I’m gonna NUKE you with even more Goodies, if you give my Smokin’ Security Newsletter a test drive!

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