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Do You Know The Only 2 Reasons For Having A Security Dealer Website?

I just spent the past 4 days out in Chicago. I’m well rested and full of energy, and am raring to go. So let’s march on.

I hear this statement all the time, “I dropped $10K on my security dealer website and It has flash graphics, audio, video the whole shebang; it’s the best looking website
I’ve ever seen!”

And I’ll say, “But John Henry, has your website sold anything?”

Umm……What do you mean, man?

Your security dealer website exists to do only TWO things. Listen up cuz this is very important high-level stuff… It’s only suppose to make a sale or generate a lead for future follow up…Period!!!

The Money Is In The Follow Up
If you only want to generate leads then you can remove the sales component of your website but you never want to have a website that only sells and does not generate leads. The web is a great place to make money for your security business but it is also a place where planning, testing and good written copy will outperform the rest of the local yahoos.

If you can put the primary focus on generating the lead and then following up with your prospect, your odds for making a sale and getting a customer will increase dramatically. Most security entrepreneurs think the only job their security dealer website has is to sell their product or service. A belief system such as that will leave you holding up a sign at your local mall saying “I’m Homeless And Will Work For Food.” (BTW, the main reason security dealers struggle is that they can’t generate leads, and then nurture and follow up with the prospect until they are ready to buy, not WHEN you’re ready to sell them electronic doo-hickeys.)

You have a much better shot at generating a lead then immediately converting a visitor into a sale. Do you know how hard it is to get someone to buy anything from you just by looking at your website?

Before I go any further, I want to whip out my nunchucks and whack you over the head a couple of times until you’re in a submissive state and what I’m about to tell you sinks in: Your WEBSITE is nothing more than a classified ad buried in the back of a trade magazine. You see, what I’m getting at is it’s almost as hard to get someone to call you and request more information, very few people like to talk to someone initially when they have just found your website and have interest in you. They want to research a little before they make that buying decision.

People are not going to look at your security dealer website, fall in love with you and hand you their credit cards. I don’t even write copy that good, nor does anyone else.You have to nurture them, soothe them, put them on a pedestal and make them know you, like you and trust you.

Most web surfers have to go to a website 5, 10 even 15 times before they decide to buy from you. What are the odds of a visitor coming back to your website 10 times? Not real good. That’s why it’s extremely important to capture their contact information the first time they land on your website.

The 8 Right-Smart Ways To Capture Contact Information

1) First off you will never sell or give away this contact information.I tell my coaching clients this: if you ever sell your clients information to another source, we’re not friends anymore! Integrity is a must here, your prospect is trusting you with personal information, guard it with your life. Plus your business will ultimately suffer.You also need to let them know upfront that you will never do this. You can always do joint ventures where you introduce your partners product to your list and vise-versa, this is the professional and ethical way to approach this.

2) You will provide them with a high perceived value report like, 21 Ways To Cat Burglar Proof Your House, or an MP3 file of an interview you did with a local private detective 7 Ways To Wipe Out Shrinkage Once And For All. This is designed with one thing in mind, building a relationship with your prospect that subtlety touts you as an authority. By just doing this will trigger “The Law Of Reciprocity.” This law basically states that if you do something nice for someone then they will want to do something nice back to you in return.

3) You will create a form on your website that will capture the “Holy Trinity Of Contact Information (address, email, cell.)” As soon as the prospect enters the contact info they will be directed to a separate area on your website or the info will they are requesting will be emailed to them instantly. You can also have the prospect request the info by email, fax or 800 number. I recommend the online form since it is instant gratification but offering more than one option is always best.

4) You will have a follow up sequence in place to keep in touch with your prospect.Use an autoresponder if you plan to do this by email, Google “autoresponders” and youwill find several different options. If you plan to follow up by email, fax or mail then make sure you have at least 3-5 follow up letters in place.

5) Your security dealer website should have a homepage, about us page, service page, fan page, client testimonial page, free reports page, and a contact us page, these are the nuts and bolts. Your website should not look cheap, like it was built by someone who’s living in his mommy’s basement eating Tombstone pizza, and watching The Simpsons for a living. Make sure your site is not bogged down with a boatload of graphics, because this will decrease load time and take away from your message.

6) Your website will have a compelling headline – a jaw-dropping, attention-getting, have-to-read-the-next-paragraph headline. Your company name is not a headline, nor is it very exciting to anyone. The copy/content on your security dealer website will be relevant and interesting. It will inspire the visitor to read the next line. Use sub-headlines, bullets, pictures, and video clips.

7) Your website should be stacked with testimonials with rapturous reviews from clients that are stoked by your service and installation work. They will rave about you, your product, your customer service, your friendship. Now don’t go all cheapo with your use of testimonials, what other people say about you is 10,000 times more powerful, compelling and drop-dead effective than what you say about yourself.

8) Your security dealer website will need a CTA (Call To Action) offer that is unique to the website. Make your visitor feel special and let them know that this offer is available only to visitors of your website. Use time sensitive offers, holiday offers, limited amount offers and prospect appreciation offers. I could conduct a 3 day seminar on this topic alone, but stick to the basics. The point I am trying to make is to focus on getting a lead from your website, it will give you an incredible advantage over your competition. What you say to your prospect after they request more information from you is the key to making a lot of sales for your business.

Most security dealers don’t get it, their websites are only trying to sell. After all these years of internet usage they still don’t realize how challenging is it to get a website visitor to whip out their credit and make a purchase or even feel comfortable calling your office. Most of the sales on the internet are made by consistently nurturing and following up with your prospect. That’s it, that’s the SECRET to marketing on the web – always be following up. The big websites are not doing it and most of your competition isn’t doing it either. So are you going to take action and pull ahead? I hope you do, you have the knowledge now, and like I always say, “knowing and doing are two different actions,” so which one are you going to do?

Now Go Smoke Your Competition!


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