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Do You Want A Government Style Pension?

Here’s one of the biggest mistakes security dealers make and the main reason why you’ll stay a ham-and-egger: Not Investing In Yourself And Your Security Business. If you’re not investing in yourself and your capabilities, challenging your belief system, uncovering new security opportunities, then you’re ripping off your family and the people that work for you.

So many folks nickel and dime themselves to death, when it comes to getting sage business advice, that they end up giving themselves the “WalMart Version” of a business edumacation or they end up winging it on “a hope and a prayer,” jumping from one dealer program to the next, frittering away their lives, prospecting and panning for gold in all the wrong places.

If you could see a screenshot of our client database (Infusionsoft CRM), in every single contact there’s a field in the upper right corner called, “Account Summary: Amount Paid” and it’s a running total of how much each person has invested with Security Marketing Guru since the beginning of time. For the large majority of our email readers, it rings in at the ***TRIPLE DONUT*** otherwise knows as $0.00, zilch, nada.

These Triple Donuts are the folks that are thinking about improving their security business and are stuck at the “thinking it over” stage, never taking MASSIVE ACTION, but, in fact, only daydreaming about other people’s success instead of their own and making excuses for their own stagnation and demise. On the other hand, we have the DOERS who have invested anywhere from $97.00 up to $25,000.00 with us.

WARNING: Incredibly Profitable Gold Prospecting and Panning Success Story….
I would like to share with you an inspiring story from a DOER who has not only turned his security business around, but his life, too, and found a gold vein right in his own backyard. The money is always in your backyard, not in some far distant place, or someone else’s business, YOUR business…right there within your existing client base.

Hi Bob,

We are coming up on our 1 year mark in the Security Maverick coaching program. I just wanted to let you know about the positive experience I have had. Last year I was feeling overwhelmed with the task of growing our company. I was doing everything myself, and I had in essence created a prison for myself and not a business. Through our one-on-one coaching calls you helped me set goals and create a plan to transform Procom Security. I then knew that I was going to need to report back the next month which helped motivate me to accomplish my goals.

We started sending out the Secure Zone email newsletter and the Service That Soars quarterly hard copy newsletter to all of our customers, past customers, and prospects who we had addresses for. We started seeing results immediately through more referrals, less attrition, and more loyal customers. This year our gross revenue will be 35% higher than last year and I am only using just a couple of the many tools you have taught me.

The changes I have made have allowed me to start working on the business and not just in the business. I am excited about the next year and to see where we can take this from here. Your programs are extremely valuable and I would recommend them to any security business (unless they are in my market – in which case I have never heard of you.)


Nick Munns
ProComm Security
Lehi, Utah

Do You Want Your Own Government-Style Pension?
Many people would look at this in the short term and be excited
about an extra $150,000 in the bank over the next year.


If Nick keeps this up for the next 20 years, without doing anything else,
spending any extra money, or hiring any more staff, he will be in tune of
$2,500,000.00 (less taxes, of course.)

Now, if this money was invested, with a modest 5% return on 2.5 million, you can get $125,000 a year without touching you principal, and there you have it! Your very own government-style pension, giving you the much-earned and well deserved financial security for you and your family to enjoy.

The Fiscal Cliff Is Days Away And The Obama Tax Cartel Is Gonna Get You!
Stop ripping yourself off, don’t settle for less then you can become. Why not have it all, why not see it all. As a small business owner, you know that the *Obama Tax Cartel* is going to be porking it to us to help get them out of this fiscal crisis and to perpetuate the Nanny State. So don’t let yourself get ripped off. The only way you can stick it to the government is to start generating more green and creating more wealth for yourself.

Why not start 2013 off with a BANG! Do you want to start building a security business that’s profitable and will support your ideal lifestyle? If you’ve answered “Yes!” then I urge you to do what Nick Munns did and join my Security Maverick Coaching Club. You’ll get all the marketing strategies and techniques, and personal coaching mentoring and grooming you’ll need to drastically increase your security installations and attract and retain clients that Pay, Stay and Refer!

While you’re thinking about it, and if you’re a DOER then DO go to Security Maverick Coaching Club. you’ll get all the details on what the club has to offer you, plus you can read about the fantastic results that members have achieved, just by utilizing a few simple security marketing strategies. You can also call the office at 508-835-1123 and talk to Jodi, Aris or Rick about the program or email to get your questions answered.

My Guarantee To You
If you sign up for my Security Maverick Coaching Club,and are accepted into the program (we do screen applicants to make sure they are onboard with wanting to take their business to the next level) I’ll deliver to you, on a silver platter, two (2) marketing strategies, right off the bat, that will pay for your entire membership for a year in advance! That’ s how confident I am about my security marketing techniques. You’ll not only close more security sales, but be turned into your areas “local celebrity security expert” and the go-to guy for all things security.

Also you need not worry yourself about getting burned. I’m taking all the risk away from you. If, for whatever reason, within the first two months, you’re unhappy with this program, we’ll glad refund you, your 1st and 2nd month’s membership in the Security Maverick Coaching Club program – no questions asked. So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining.

Now, let’s get going and make 2013 your best year yet!

Have a stellar weekend!

Peace, out.


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