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Do you want to CRUSH IT in 2010…?

Did you know….The world’s largest snowflake was 15 inches tall, 7.9 inches thick and was found at Fort Keogh, Montana on January 28th 1887.

Did you know….The most snowfall within 24hrs in the U.S was 63 inches which occurred in Georgetown, Colorado on December 4th, 1913.

If you like things that are jam packed with value than I suggest that you get on-board and give my (Smokin’ Security Newsletter) a test drive this month, which is now read by security dealers and low voltage integrators in over 8 countries.

With this month’s issue I’ll be surprised if your mailman doesn’t have a hernia carrying it up to your mailbox, (let alone trying to fit it inside) cuz it’s overloaded with as much information as we could stuff into the envelope on how to “CRUSH” your competition in 2010.

This one of a kind business building newsletter teaches security entrepreneurs just like yourself on how to attract clientele that Pay, Stay, and Refer. The “Pay, Stay, Refer” philosophy is the Holy Grail of building a security business that works.

Link to Smokin’ Security Newsletter.

In the  December issue of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter here’s what you’ll find:
* Discover how to create your own security video library that can attract up to 80,000 visitors per day.

* How to produce a stream of content (blog, podcast, videos) to educate your target audience and prospects will flock to you.

* Marvelous new insight on using your “personality” and creating a “brand” from it.

* The real reason why you have a blog for your security business.

* Learn how to turn your business card into a powerful selling tool.

* Why guaranteeing your security installs will attract more A-level clients.

* How to use testimonials on a business card.

* Uncover a secret on how to use your business card as frequent buyer program.

* Dumb mistakes your competition is doing right now that you can use it to an unfair advantage against them.

* The two (2) skill sets that you need to master in 2010 to be a Smokin’ success.

Plus I have two (2) very timely Special Reports only for Smokin’ Newsletter subscribers.

Link to Smokin Security Newsletter.

Special Report #1
* “7 Simple & Easy Steps to Doubling Your Security Installations, and Getting Paid Lickety Split in 2010.

* Best way to delay paying your vendors.

* Best way to reduce day to day expenses.

* Power of collecting your money like Tony Soprano.

Special Report # 2
* “Five (5) Security Marketing Skills To Master in 2010 and Beyond”

* Very first thing you should do when you get to your hotel room when your on vacation

* How to get out of the apples to apples comparison.

* How to play prospect on your competition.

* How to overcome skepticism.

…..I’m still not done with you. There are more Christmas gifts coming from me because we way OVER deliver.

Decembers Audio Success CD
A World Famous copy writer joins me on the call, he routinely charges upwards of $60,000 to create custom marketing plans and consult with clients. Here are some of the talking a points from the call…

* Why should communicating more with your client base

* A brain dead strategy for creating a referral system with everybody in town.

* Should you or shouldn’t you, use fear in your marketing. (You have GOT to hear what he says about this one!)

* What your competition wouldn’t even think about doing or guaranteeing.

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