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Does the Success of Your Business Depend On You Being There?

When I was in Las Vegas for the ISC West conference, I conducted a “Robotic Security Selling System” training session poolside in a cabana. One of the main talking points that I had hammered home was the ability and the need to duplicate yourself and your marketing system so everything doesn’t depend on you being there to run the show.

Becoming Financially Independent
The most difficult thing for a security entrepreneur to do is to quit the worker-bee $15.00 an-hour-work (i.e. running to the supply house, cleaning out the service van, putting paper in the fax machine) so they rarely get to the queen-bee $1,000.00 an-hour-work : marketing for the biz to bring in high qualified new security customers, pre-disposed to do business  with you.

To market your security business, to attract new customers and keep these customers coming back and referring new clients to you, requires that you systematically reduce the dependency of the security business on you. Don’t overlook this step. This is the “secret honey” to becoming financially independent through owning your own security business.

Your Main Mission In Life Should You Choose To Accept It
Your chief objective should be to implement successful marketing systems to be the auto-pilot of your security business.

A smart security entrepreneur realizes that you have to leverage your time if you truly want to be successful in business. You can do this by implementing Robotic Security Selling Strategies that sell for you 24/7/365, so that you can stop relying on the manual labor aspect of selling. Here are a few queen-bee robotic selling strategies.

  1. Direct Response Lead Generation Ads.
  2. 24 Hour FREE Recorded Consumer Awareness Message.
  3. 21 Ways To Cat-Burglar Proof Your Home – Consumer Awareness Guides.
  4. 115% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantees.
  5. Testimonial and Social Proof Generating System.
  6. Client Nurturing website.

The success of your security business can be directly related to how much time, energy, and money can be directed towards marketing.

I’m going to end with one of my favorite quotes on getting busy and becoming a serious student in learning:

“If you work hard on your job you’ll make a “living”, If you’ll work hard on yourself you’ll make a Fortune.” – Jim Rohn

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