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Does Your Website Convert The Two Types of Visitors It Gets Into Paying Customers?

Is Your Website Designed To Attract, Capture & Convert The Two Types of Visitors It Gets Into Paying Customers?

That’s right. For the most part, there are only two kinds of people visiting your site – folks looking for more information before making a purchase (future sales), and those looking to buy now. In this fast-paced world, it’s imperative that your site quickly lure & captivate BOTH these visitors. To do this, your site needs to be designed with two compelling security sales funnels in place that will attract, retain and capture contact information for all these visitors. These two sales funnels (and your website) also need to position you as the Security Expert and the go-to-guy (or gal) in your local market. And that’s exactly what our new SMG-Style Websites will do!

With an SMG-Style Website, your site will be designed to maximize the acquiring of all contact information from the hot leads that are visiting by presenting two education-based marketing offerings that are proven to generate high response rates. Each marketing funnel is designed to offer its target users valuable information that compels them to respond. Folks looking for more information before deciding to purchase will be offered something very valuable and folks looking to buy now will be offered something very compelling and beneficial. These two irresistible offers will attract and capture your visitors and generate lots of hot leads for you!

Your SMG-Style Website will also position you as the Security Expert in your local market, give proof of your standing, and exact customer-recommended referrals.

If you’re interested in an SMG-Style Website or would like to learn more,

Your dedicated Security Marketing Guru,


P.S. There’s also a back-end to the success of your website and that’s where SEO (On-Page & Off-Page), Google + Local, PPC Ad Management (for Google Adwords & Bing Ads),Online Citation Building, Maximizing Online Reviews, Mobile Websites and Email Marketing Campaigns come in. These are the things that, done right, will highly rank your website and maximize the flow of traffic to it. To learn more, CLICK HERE!

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