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Doing Really Cool FREE Stuff For Your Security Clients Pays Off In Spades!

Doing Really Cool FREE Stuff For Your Security Clients Pays Off In Spades!

Christmas is around 12 days away and, for most folks, the only time they feel like being “Santa Claus” and in a gift-giving mood is around the holiday season. My personal philosophy is that you should be giving your clients valuable gifts year-round. I’m not talking about valuable trinkets, like Rolex watches and Lamborghinis. I’m talking about valuable information that costs you nothing, but gains you stature and loyalty among your clients and prospects. What more could you want?! With that said, let me explain to you the philosophy of “the more you give, the more you get in return.”

Being A Totally Selfless Dude…

This strategy I’m about to layout will work for any and all security and low-voltage niches, such as, Alarm installers, CCTV Dealers, Security Integrators, Locksmiths, Private Guard Services, Audio/Video honchos, Fire Alarm Contractors, commercial sound guys, and Electrical Contractors, Satellite Installers…and the list goes on and on.

Never underestimate the power of being totally cool and a selfless human being that actually cares about your prospects and clients and doing really good things for these folks who are giving you money now…and could be giving you bushels of money in the future.

The Most Persuasive Technique Know To Man Kind!

Is the ability to give away valuable and really cool FREE security information that can help safeguard your prospects’ and clients’ lives, and also help them make VERY educated buying decisions based on the security information that they received from you. Now, who do you think they are going to trust and choose for their security needs after they’ve been spoon-fed high -grade security info from you?

Here’s how this strategy works:

All It Takes Is 6 Seconds To Break Into A Garage

Picture this… you have a bunch of existing clients who have garages attached or detached to their homes (that you could easily upgrade there existing security services, like CCTV, Cell- Back up, LCD Key Pads, more panic buttons, yadda, yadda, yadda) and you also have prospects, who have garages, that are “sitting on the the fence” mulling over your security proposal and 5 other “low-ball” proposals they got from your competitors. Now, you send these clients and prospects a very valuable and educational video depicting how anyone can break into your garage in under 6 seconds flat.

People Remember This Kinda Stuff

First off, your clients and prospects are shocked at what they saw on the video and scared to death at how easily someone could lift up their garage doors and gain access to their home. Secondly, they think “you da man” cause you just showed them that you possess a different level of knowledge and client service than all the rest of the “low-ball” Bozo competitors out there. They are also stoked that you followed up with them…its shows that you actually care about their safety and security. Now, this tactic (that you learned from me, semi-handsome Bob) cost you nothing, nada and gains you a level of trust and confidence from your clients and prospects that’s unshakable….unless you screw up the installation!

So, be the guy or gal in your area that is really cool and educates your prospects and clients for life! It will pay you back 100X.

Why would you want to do this… Cuz an educated buyer always spends more.

Here’s What You Wanna Do Next

Make it a part of your security business-building strategy to become a more “Education-Based Security Dealer” (EBSM) in 2011. Make it a point to give away very cool and FREE security information to your clients and prospects.

I Always Practice What I Preach

Here’s the video I mentioned above watch this video “Breaking Into A Garage”, and then post it on your blog or send it out in an email to your existing clients and prospects. Then have anyone interested in securing their garage, call/email you back for a site survey.

The More You Give Away, The More You Get Back In Return! It’s The Law Of Reciprocity!

Have a Gr8 Holiday Season!


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