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Don’t Tell Bob

As many of you probably know, Bob is on vacation in Ireland this week. The staff and myself here are in the middle of packing up the shop to move into our new building in West Boylston and we just stumbled upon a massive pile of overprint back issues of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter stowed away in Bob’s office.

Instead of having to pack all these away and find space on the moving truck, we decided to do a special offer to everyone on our contacts lists.

From today (7/13/10) until Friday (7/16/10), we will be including 4 FOUR back issues of the Smokin’ Security Newsletter to any new subscriber. Yes, we know we are DOUBLING the amount of back issues typically given out to a new subscriber. It is a $194.00 value, on top of the 2 (Two) Back Issues, Current Issue and 4 (Four) Audio Success CD’s usually given out.

All together that is an $873.00 value!

  • One Current Issue of the Smokin Security Newsletter (July 2010)
  • 4 (Four) Back Issues of the Smokin Security Newsletter (March-June 2010 Check out the content below!)
  • 4 (Four) Audio Success CD’s

***Some of the extra Newsletters even have that particular month’s audio success CD inside them! So you very well may end up with 5 or 6 audio success CDs!***

All we ask is you help with shipping this stuffed to the max USPS Priority Mail envelope for five dollars and ninety five cents ($5.95).

Click or copy + paste the link below to order. (scroll down to bottom of page, you can either order online or download + fax in the the order form)

Don’t wait, this offer only lasts until Friday and this email just went out to over 6000 security professionals, maybe even the guy across town from you!

Shawn, Jodi and the rest of the Staff

P.S Check out all the awesome stuff in the March -June 2010 Smokin’ Security Newsletter’s listed below!

June 2010
Emotionally Driven Direct Response Copy
Betty’s story and how Dayton Security solved her security nightmares is included in a full-page ad that I wrote and designed for Norm Dayton in this month’s issue of my Smokin’ Security Newsletter. I’ve included most of the ad’s text above because it’s imperative that you learn that selling security systems has nothing to do with your company logo or the products you install and everything to do with identifying with your markets’ emotional security wants and needs. This can be done successfully by using emotionally compelling stories  like Betty’s. Facts tell, stories sell, my friend!

Free Standing Insert Ads – An Under-Utilized Marketing Strategy By Security Dealers
This piece is perfect for a free-standing ad in your local newspapers or magazines. Free-standing insert ads are a very under-used marketing strategy by security dealers and are a dirt-cheap way to advertise. It’s a great way to build-up visibility in your marketplace (and become omni-present.) It’s also a great piece to use as hand-out when you meet-and-greet new prospects….heck, you could even use it as a full-page ad in the yellow pages!

But I’m not done with you yet!

Inside this month’s issue of the Smokin’, you’ll get:

  • Discover how the most successful security dealers will have 5-10 targeted website…all spewing black gold!
  • Uncover a little-know secret for turning your clients testimonials into full page ads.
  • How to position yourself as a problem solver, not a service provider.
  • This strategy, called “Delayed Selling”, takes balls and confidence and why you should use it in your sales strategy!
  • One teenie-weenie trick that will teach you how to quote more jobs than you though was humanly possible!
  • A highly-unusual trick for getting more facebook fans.

What is the first thing to look for if your’re selling home alarms in low-rent neighborhoods?

May 2010
Last month during my quarterly open call in day for subscribers to my Smokin’ Security Newsletter(TM), one caller, a security dealer named Charlie Cleary from Always Alert Security in Oklahoma, told me he couldn’t believe the impact and responses he got from the bonus quarterly client newsletter that the Smokin’ subscribers get. Charlie sent out the bonus client newsletter to his herd of customers and told me that one of the “emotional direct reponse” triggers that I embedded in the client newsletter generated 30 responses from his customer base! He now has 30 people to follow up with…way to go Charlie!

Charlie also said having a client newsletter is the best tool, in his tool belt, for generating business and referrals. He cannot believe the difference that a customer newsletter has made for his business. He echoed back to me what I’ve been telling you all along…a properly written and executed client newsletter trains your clients to Pay, Stay and Refer!

If you’d like to start sending out a client newsletter and start reaping some of the results that Charlie has…then order the Smokin Security Newsletter this month, my monthly marketing and business building newsletter written specifically for you folks – security dealers and low-voltage installers. May’s Smokin’ comes with a template for my quarterly client newsletter [called Service That Soars (TM)] that you can print and send to your herd of clients. Sit back and watch the responses come in!

April 2010
Discover The Secret “Lure” To Being The Big Fish In A Small Pond

There are literally hundreds of small fishing holes, within 5-10 miles of your office, that you can go fishing in for new clients…anytime you’d like.

Do you want to learn how to zone in on specific target neighborhoods…prime fishing waters… where you can dominate the market with your targeted security marketing messages…you’ll realize the greatest selling potential with these strategy – learning how to catch “fish” at will!

So what are you waiting for! I’m giving you the fishing pole and the bait and leading you to waters teaming with fish, all YOU need to do is get on board the Security Marketing Guru’s fishing boat!

BONUS HANDOUT: In This Month’s Issue Of The Smokin Security Newsletter: Get A Client Handout, Used For Pre-Selling Your Services, That Offers The Best Customer Guarantee Ever Written….It is so Powerful That I GUARANTEE You’ll Get the Job on This GUARANTEE Alone!

This incredible handout is one of the first pieces I ever created for a private security client of mine, and it closed over $30K, in an access control project, on it’s first use. It’s designed for pre-selling security and low voltage services…mail it out prior to conducting your security audit and watch the doubt and skepticism go away and a new level of trust, faith and confidence, in you and your services, develop in your prospect! Believe me, you get more service if you guarantee something up front.

BTW: This handout, with it’ s stellar guarantee, can be tweaked for locksmiths, CCTV installers, Electrical Contractors, Home Automation Experts, Fire Alarm Installers, Satellite Yahoos, GPS Installers, and so on.

March 2010
Inside the March Issue, also known as The Spank Issue, you’ll…

  • Find out the how to wipe out price-resistance, once and for all.
  • Learn how to create future “Pay Days” in your business for the rest of your life – that has nothing to do with RMR.
  • Find out what ISFL it’s quite lucrative!
  • Get a form, that if used, I guarantee will make you at least $50,000 in sales in the first year of use!
  • Learn my 79-word retort to counter anyone looking for a “cheapo security system.”
  • How to use the my Stalemate philosophy to win over prospects
  • Learn the importance of SPANK and having lots of ammo when you meet your prospects.
  • When to use the “stick strategy” on new clients.
  • Discover how to create a wall of fame inside your office.
  • Have you ever seen a $120,000 testimonial from a very, very, satisfied client? Well, I’ll show you one!
  • Get a really cool way to find out the three biggest concerns prospects have before they hired you and how to use that info in your marketing messages.

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