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Don’t Worry About Your Competition

You need not worry about another security dealer or integrator trying to copy you. Many security dealers spend way too much time worrying and agonizing about what the competition is up to. And as a result, they burn valuable time and energy focused on the wrong thing! Who really cares! Yes, that’s right! Who cares what they do!

Imagine if every security dealer & integrator raised the level of security knowledge and awareness, and the value that it delivers to clients. That would be an incredible and rewarding fete. Security entrepreneurs around the world would be much more productive and busy. As it is, half the population really doesn’t get the need for security, all the benefits of having a security system (alarms, access control, biometrics, intercoms, gates, paging systems, and video surveillance systems) installed at their home or office. And I can’t blame them, really. I think the security profession in general needs to do a better job of educating, and promoting the benefits of the electronic security industry!

No one likes a copycat, either. So if you position your security company one way and another security company copies, remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery. So consider it flattery and create/reinvent yourself faster the second time around. McDonald’s and Burger King have been playing this game for years. Mickey D’s is still the biggest. They’re probably annoyed at being copied, but heck, consider it flattery and keeping you on your toes. But, whatever you do, don’t waste time on it or even consider it! Just go and do it!


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