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Draft Your Technicians The Way The NFL Drafts Players

The NFL draft is in full swing and my favorite team, the New England Patriots, needs a lot of help this year getting great new players so they can get another shot at the Super Bowl.

So far, we’ve selected CB Devin McCourty, out of Rutgers University, in the 1st round with the 27th pick. We do have some serious competition banging down our door in the AFC EAST division with the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins – both of which are already making some clutch off season acquisitions.

I think if you chose your security technicians that way the NFL scrutinizes and chooses it’s new players from the draft, you’d end up with A-List technicians.

Let me explain:

NFL Draft
The draft is where NFL teams select players from the pool of available college athletes.  Each team takes turns picking players they hope will positively impact their football team.

What head coaches and general managers look for in players is similar to what you should be looking for in new technicians.

By examining how and dissecting the common denominators that make a football player successful, you can parralel these traits for selecting your own technicians and installers.

Building A Dynasty
Here are eight (8) key leverage points to ponder in determining how to evaluate talent for selecting new technicians…and building your security Dynasty!

Attitude – Your players need to fit your system and your mindset: If your techs aren’t offensive about creating a “WOW” environment for your clientele, then cut them and let them get picked up by your competitor off the wire.  Your techs NEED positive attitudes!

Background – Coaches all worry about their players’ character and make-up and what they have done in the past.  You should have the same concerns about your technicians.  Make sure that you do a CORI check and also check on their past employment record.

Longevity – Some players are a flash in the pan, prima donnas, super novas, or think there sh*t don’t stink. You need a stable workforce of high quality techs that are polite, couteous, and have good personalities and that will stick around.

Position/Needs – Every team needs balance which is why coaches often “draft for need” passing on the best available player and selecting a player they can cross-train in multiple areas.  You should not select techs by skill alone.  Finding someone with the right personality/attitude, and background (who will stick around for a while) and who is cross-trainable would be most advantageous for you and your company.

Size/Speed – You can’t have techs that are 500 lbs…how are they going to get up into an attic’s crawl space.  Nor can you have a guy that’s 150 lbs walking around slow as molasses.  You need techs that are fit, nimble and can hustle…just like great football players!

Smarts – Good, fundamentally sound technicians clean up after themselves and make sure everything is tye wrapped nice and neat and all the devices are labeled…and the great techs are up-selling while they work!

Workouts/Scouting –
The pro football teams test, prod, and research players, themselves, before they make their selection…you should, too!  Have potential techs come in and program an alarm panel and burn a CD off of a DVR and call tech support with a known question.  Make damn sure they know what they’re doing before you hire them.

Not For Long
The National Football League is often referred to as the “Not For Long” league.  If you can’t develop and maintain your techs and they’re always jumping ship for another buck an hour or more, you’ll always be agonizing about it and having sleepless nights staring up at the ceiling in a cold sweat.

You have to develop a security business that “works for you and not against you.”  If you can’t take off for 10 days on holiday (I like saying “holiday,” it sounds so English and is much more appealing then vacation) then you don’t have a business…you have a glorified job!

P.S.  Your technicians, that you deliver to your customers’ doorsteps, are your product and nothing else.  They represent who your company is what you’re all about.  If they fail you, you’re doomed!

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